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3 May 2007
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Noted in a few sources that these were the intended powerplants for the Convair KINGFISH, but I thought that the requirements put forth for the program included the use of the J58? Can anyone clear this up for me or provide a source of information on these engines?

Much thanks!
What I have gleaned from the limited information available:

RJ59 was likely the designation for the pure ramjets for the proposed Convair FISH parasite, NOT the KINGFISH. Sources identifying it as the powerplant for the later plane are probably mistaken.

Information regarding these engines has proven difficult to unearth; either because they never made it past the design/designation phase and development was canceled along with the Super Hustler/Fish, or because the information is classified as it relates to further developments...

Some time ago I have read an AIAA paper entitled: "HISTORY OF RAMJET PROPULSION DEVELOPMENT AT THE MARQUARDT COMPANY – 1944 TO 1970" written by Mr. Carl Stechman and Mr. Robert Allen (http://pdf.aiaa.org/preview/CDReadyMJPC2005_1177/PV2005_3538.pdf).

Besides some information on XRJ59-MA-1 and XRJ59-MA-3 engines (flight tested on the X-7) there is also a short description (and a picture) of the MA-24XEA engine (1958-1959):

"[...] configured for internal mounting with a vehicle-provided inlet system, was designed for extended cruise at Mach 4 and 90,000 ft. The engine accelerated the vehicle from a Mach 2, 40,000 ft. takeover condition. [...] The variable convergent- divergent exit nozzle [...] was designed with a nonprotuberant aft-end geometry for a low radar signature during cruise flight. The operational development activity for the MA24-XEA was suspended when the launch aircraft program was abruptly terminated."

My question is, is it possible that the MA-24XEA was being developed for the FISH vehicle (or some of the Lockheed's early designs)? According to Mr. Pedlow's and Mr. Welzenbach's book -- "The CIA and Overhead Reconnaissance: The U–2 and OXCART Programs, 1954–1974"; available from http://www.foia.ucia.gov/ -- the FISH would cruise at conditions similar to the operational envelope of MA-24XEA: Mach > 4.0 and 90,000 ft. Also, the launch platform for the FISH (the B-58B) was terminated in June 1959.
If you note the image posted by Scott above you will see MA24 and RJ-59 are the same engine family MA24 is the internal company designation, where RJ-59 is the official designation. Its already well known that RJ-59 was intended for the FISH.
Just dug this up .....print is small in the side-by-side, so I opened them as single pages so this short piece might be made more legible. , Kevin


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