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5 January 2006
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I made a HTML page about various ramjet designs some time ago. I thought it would be appropriate to upload it for others on this forum to view for comments and feedback.


Note that it is very much a work in progress.

Sources and some questions:

Most information about Soviet ramjets comes from history of M.M. Bondaryuk's design bureau at http://www.testpilot.ru/review/bondaruk.htm (in Russian).

Swedish ramjets: anyone know anything more about them? Do the RR and RRX designations somehow relate to the RM designation for jet engines?

US engines list from http://www.designation-systems.net. I also went through all (?) air vehicle description pages and collected all ramjet-powered vehicles whose engines weren't included in the RJ list. Now I'm hoping it could be possible to link at least some of them to an RJ designation.

British ramjets are currently not included as I couldn't do any better than the list at http://www.skomer.u-net.com/projects/ramjets.htm. Anyone know anything about the Pandora missile?

Also French ramjets are currently missing. Did they have any sort of common designation system?
A nice start you have there. You missed at least one US program, check here for info: http://www.vought.com/heritage/products/html/alvrj.html I'm given to understand that Hughes had a competing program using a much modified Phoenix airframe but I've never seen anything further on it.
You are correct elmayerle, however for now I only included vehicles whose powerplants could have had a designation in the RJ-series. For example the various Navy target drone projects are missing, among others.
Looks like you maybe missed the nuclear ramjet used in SLAM/Project Pluto. Also here is a document covering some US navy ramjet projects over the years.
Sferrin, please see my post above yours: :)

Meteorit said:
...however for now I only included vehicles whose powerplants could have had a designation in the RJ-series.

And thanks for the document link, though I remember reading it already a few years ago. Anyway I can recommend it for anyone interested in ramjets.

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