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13 February 2006
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Ladies and Gentleman,

Let me introduce you the first unconventional project from my country... :) LVL-1 and LVL-2 (Light Training Aircraft) were developed for Slovak Air Force from 1979 at Military Aviation University in Košice. The head of the project was Ing. Radomir Orlita. LVL-1 had compared to LVL-2 much conventional tail surfaces and less powerful engine. LVL-2 was all-metal light airplane for basic pilot training and limited air fire support. Sized down (1:10) mockup was built, but project ended after 10 years due to a lack of money and turbulent political situation.

Some specifications of LVL-2:

Engine: M-337 A/V 500S with push propeller
Landing gear: triangular, main wheels were fixed
Wingspan: 7,3 m
Max. take off weight: 850 kg
Max. speed: 310 km/h
Cruise speed: 285 km/h
Minimal speed without flaps: 110 km/h
Climb speed after take-off: 9 m/s
Take off distance (in grass): 156 m


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boxkite said:
Here come the simple side views from Václav Němeček's "Československá letadla" vol 2 ...
Tophe, are you here to read this?
Belated thanks Boxkite (I come back from holidays) while I have this book, even wonderful, yes!
But Matej's LVL-2 is new for me, thanks! Question: for what Czechoslovak words are the initials LVL? (I guess a L is for Let? for Aircraft, but the complete name would be even better).
With my poor knowledge of Czech and Slovak language letadel is the word for aircraft. LET was a company or design bureau, wasn't it, Matej?
LVL-2 4

There are only a few true czechoslovakian words, and they are all slang. Officially there is only Slovak and Czech language, and this one is from Slovak language, because it was developed in Košice, what is the second biggest town in Slovakia.

L - ľahké - light
V - výcvikové - training
L - lietadlo - aircraft

Abbreviation "Let" is used for "Letov" aviation plant in Czech republic. Or with small "l" it means also "flight".
I found that there was also unfinished prototype (!) of this design. I studied five years in Kosice, but NEVER saw it. How is it possible is the mystery for me... ???


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And only week ago I found out, that on the last photo that I posted is a small model placed on the mockup. Where the hell were my eyes then ??? Here is it in detail:


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Also from L+K 17/1984


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