Marcel Riffard Post-War Projects


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May 26, 2006
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pometablava said:
some great French engineer Marcel Riffard unbuilt projects from Magazine Avion but original source is Aero France

1. Stratosferic transatlantic airliner from 1942. 40 passenger. Max speed: 700 Km/h.

2. VTOL aircraft (1942?). Power for the rotors is transmitted from a turbine in the fuselage. The rotors has telescopic blades

3. Twin Jet from 1942. Unknown 1030 Kg powerplants. 14'5 m span. 7,2 lenght. Total weight: 7200 Kg. Max speed: 918 Km/h

Also for Marcel Riffard.


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May 31, 2007
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"We are then at the beginning of 1947, the French aeronautical industry resumes gradually and not without difficulty its progress forward. But the turning point towards the reaction apparatus has been started for some years abroad, France is late, French manufacturers are looking for their way, the company Rateau Figeac has been studying for some time, in fact since 1939, engines with reactions that seem very promising ...
For everyone, the first important deadline was the passage of the wall of sound ... At that time the Bell X1 had not yet managed to cross it, it will be done on October 14, 1947.
To explore this path, the Ministry is planning to build a "transonic airplane".
To finalize this project a first conference is organized at the Ministry of Air, early 1947, with the subject "The prestige aircraft". Were present at this meeting:
Mr. Deglise , technical adviser, direct representative of the Minister retained in a cabinet council (under the 4th republic cabinet councils were councils of ministers without the presence of the President of the Republic)
Mr. Pellenc Inspector General, Government Commissioner.
Mr. Mehuer responsible for liaison between the Ministry of Air and STAé.
Mr. Imbert Representing the company Rateau.
Mr. Riffart engineer planned to coordinate the construction of the glider.
At this conference it was decided to build a transonic experimental apparatus.
- The prototype was to be built by the prototype workshop of the National Company of Aeronautical Construction of the North (SNCAN) of Issy les Moulineaux from which will come out so many other prototypes.
- The design office was to be organized by Marcel Riffart, from the design offices of the various nationalized companies entrusted to G. Bourdin, with the help of Mr. Otfinovsky, Marcel Riffart's usual collaborator.
A study was immediately started by Bourdin and Riffart and a lot of plans were established, the aircraft was called "TRANSSONIQUE EXPERIMONAL AIRPLANE", later it was called ROB "Gamma". Without our being sure, it seems obvious that ROB meant: R iffart, O tfinovsky, Bourdin ...
The device:
It was a two-seater, mid-wing monoplane with a circular fuselage, equipped with two Rateau SRA-2 reactors inserted into the wing thickness. The planned wing had a slight jib, but several other types of configurations were also considered.
The two crews, equipped with ejection seat, were the first in the axis at the front end, the second shifted on the right side and in height (the left side was occupied by the place of the front wheel of the train) in the retracted position.
The basic version had the following dimensions:
span 15 m.
Length 18 m.
Area 33 m², a variant with the housing of advanced engines had a surface of 32 m²
Track of the train 4.65 m.
Main Wheel 905x 260
Train race 250 m / m.
Total weight 12000 kg. "

"The end :
The last plans are dated June 1947 and after nothing, it is likely that it stopped there, perhaps following the defection of the engines or the non-release of the necessary credits and maybe both ...
This device could have brought some tracks of study to the French aeronautics, it could have become a very useful experimental plane, a base of tests in flight of wing and / or engine. "


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May 26, 2006
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Re: The ROB "GAMMA".

We send most of those here,it's Riffard design;,15856.msg293104.html#msg293104


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Nov 28, 2006
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Interestingly the arrangement of cockpit and nose is quite similar to that of the SO.4000 bomber in its original form.


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