Looking for old AWST with articles on soviet military space program


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1 April 2006
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if anyone can help, would be very obliged

Klass, Philip J., "Anti-Satellite Laser Use Suspected," Aviation Week & Space Technology, December 8, 1975, pp. 12-13.
“DOD Continues Satellite Blinding Investigation,” Aviation Week & Space Technology (January 5, 1976) p. 18.
"Soviets Push for Beam Weapon." Aviation Week and Space Technology, May 2, 1977, v. 106, n. 18, p. 16-23.
"Soviets Confirm Shuttle Vehicle Effort," Aviation Week & Space Technology, October 16, 1978, p. 25.
Craig Covault, "Soviets Developing Fly-Back Launcher," Aviation Week & Space Technology, November 6, 1978, p. 20.
"Soviets Test Beam Technologies in Space." Aviation Week and Space Technology, November 13, 1978, v. 109, n. 20, p. 14-20.
"Soviets Build Directed-Energy Weapon," Aviation Week & Space Technology, July 28, 1980, pp. 57-50.

thanks in advance!
Greetings I may have a few articles form AV-Week. I do have extra copy of RAND Report on Space Activity or Progress...whatever-it is from RAND, circa 1960s I believe. Someone want this and if so, send a private E-Mail give address and will snail-mail it. Too many pages to scan and ship by electrics here, and not positive just how to forward items such as the BAC Model numbers spaceprojects geneaology chart I have.
I'll go through my files but may have an item on Russian spaceplane project too.

What's the word for this stuff...things that whine, howl, thunder, roar, hiss, pulse-belch and wwooosshhhh over and past us, etc.

later folks
I have access to Lexis/Nexis and they have AWST going back until at least 1976. I can probably get you all of these articles in text form. Just give me a few days.
Okay, I've now sent you all those articles. Hopefully they arrived intact.
DD, thank you very much! Hope I will be able to return you a favor one day.
All other who were agreed to help, thank you, too. Problem is solved.
Glad to be of help. AWST goes farther back on Lexis/Nexis than most publications (a lot of them don't show up there until around 1978 or later). You cannot access the images through that database, but it is relatively easy to look up the articles.
Uh, just a little add-on. I do have some years of AW&ST in that time peiord, I overlooked the Grigory's request, sorry... I can scan the images if it helps, though.
BTW, having the individual issues (i.e. not database scanned or book-binded, allow to catch some hints that were clear back then: from 1976 up to 1982 every few weeks AW&ST sported covers on laser and direct energy efforts from the US. In retrospect, it seems a well done effort to advertise the programs, far in excess of the actual budget dedicated by DoD or DoE. And well in advance of the SDI announcement. Not surprising that everyone took SDI very seriously outside the US.
Yes, you can get an interesting perspective on history by going back to a certain period and looking at publications in order. You may be right that there were people conducting US laser research who were feeding Aviation Week a lot of material in order to advance their agenda. However, it is also possible that Aviation Week simply had an editor who was very interested in this stuff and liked to put it on the cover.

One thing that I've learned from going through old newspaper archives is perspective: I've learned that things that everybody shouts about and gets really upset about can fade away and become non-issues. For instance, about ten years ago I was working on a project concerning the US federal budget. I spent several days in libraries going through newspapers from the late 1970s until the late 1980s. There was a heavy emphasis on budget deficits and a lot of apocalyptic talk about how bad they were and how they were leading us to ruin. Of course, the deficit "problem" was never solved, and the economy did not collapse in the 1980s or 1990s (and even now the recession is not attributed to the federal deficit). As a historian, you learn to realize that not everything is as important--historically--as people think when it is happening. Issues fade.

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