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Here Leduc 010-01 hatch and Miles M.52 nosecone.


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Leduc 022


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Great pics and great aircraft prototypes. May I add that these were taken at Paris-Le Bourget's Musée de l'Air, within the airport's precincts. A great place for any aviation buff, boasting notably many unique French research/prototype aircraft, many international WW II types and also the biggest World War I collection anywhere.
If you google Rene Leduc Docavia you will find what is probably the best book about his designs.
Many drawings are included, and the book format is large at 25x33cm.
Yes, but only if you are lucky. I was there during the Le Bourget and the whole Arme de L air post ww2 pavilon was closed, because of a private commercial party inside ::)
016? Isn't Matej 010_3 (close ups) the 016 with mass balances at the wing tips instead of small Marbore turbojets?
I've got refs that say the jets were never fitted; others say "removed"
I have a memory of finding a photo of them fitted, but memory plays tricks, and I can't find it at the moment.
Can anyone enlighten me?
Found it. It's a not very clear scan, looking as though it was 'blown-up' from a small original.
Shows the plane on its Languedoc carrier, from the rear quarter, so the rear of the wingtip fairings are shown to be discs, not points.
Sadly, though labelled clearly Leduc 016 with Marbore turbojets, there is no source, but I think it would have been Jane's.
there is another filed with it that refers to Leduc 011 "which was to have Pimini turbojets, but these were not fitted."
Has anyone got the full story, with pictures and dates? I know that is asking a lot.
All the photos (related to 010) are from the same airplane. It in fact is 016, but after accident from the January 1952 it was repaired, modified back to 010 appearance and displayed at museum.
Thanks, Matej. Your post appeared while I was editing mine.
Did the 010 have wingtip fairings, then? when did it get them?
The 010-01 got tip tanks in its last configuration, around 1952,
according to the mentioned Docavia.
The Leduc 011 was a project from 1939 for a fighter version of
the planned 010, fiited with two Regniers 6G or Bearn engines
Fantastic drawings Justo!!
As usual....or better anything as usual, it's difficult to get accustomed with such good "escanear" stuff. :)
This is not a coincidence - he posted the line drawings in your topic, but I moved them here (they fits better here).

Oh...duh. Any idea where can I find some examples of 50's period french aircraft markings?
prolific1 said:
This is not a coincidence - he posted the line drawings in your topic, but I moved them here (they fits better here).

Oh...duh. Any idea where can I find some examples of 50's period french aircraft markings?
Please see some samples here -post -1


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Please see some samples here -post -2


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Those LeDuc designs have fascinated me since the first time I saw one and went 'UCBS !!' They must have inspired a generation of SciFi piccies...

Took a seriously brave pilot to curl into the inlet's cone...

FWIW, that pre-war design with the 'two turning, one burning' almost looks reasonable. I take it there were more issues than fuel capacity vs consumption and, um, cockpit visibility ??
I love these designs as well!

Finally this topic showed up !

Rene LeDuc is another ramjet giant who actually went out and built
stuff and flew them! Inspirational !!



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What happened to the Leduc ramjet project? Did it die from lack of money or was there something intrinsically wrong with the idea of a ramjet powered fighter?
Cockpit integration looks excellent for minimizing wave drag...but so much for ejection... :-\
At least for the 21 the whole cockpit section was
jettisonable, IIRC, so a cramped cockpit
wouldn't have endangered the pilot in the case of
an emergency.
What happened to the Leduc ramjet project?

Leduc was the typical "genius inventor" that wanted to do too much by himself (and his small company). The Leduc 022 had drag issues and never went past Mach 1.
Leduc faced a government company (Nord Aviation) with far more money and an intresically better aircraft, the Griffon 02.
The guillotine fell late 1957 for Leduc, while the Griffon kept flying until 1961. The Mirage III success with turbojets also killed the SO-4050 Trident (even with the world speed record in May 1958)
The irony is that the Griffon had superb performance but was made of light alloys, limiting top speed to Mach 2.19
Nord Aviation was never given the funds to build the Griffon III that could have reached Mach 3.
The Leduc 022 by contrast was steel-build from the beginning... for nothing.
Archibald said:
... Leduc faced a government company (Nord Aviation) with far more money

and AFAIK financially supported for their ramjet research with US money !

also from Le FANA 359,some Leduc aircraft.


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René Leduc presents his 021 at Brétigny, flanked by test pilots Yvan Littolf (left) and Jean Sarrail (right):


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Jean Sarrail on board the brand new 021 at Brétigny in 1953:


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