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Ka-40 model


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My dears overscan and JAZZ,

thank you because I have not any drawing to this helicopter,thanks.
Matej said:
Does anybody have any additional 3 view or will I be forced to reconstruct this helicopter for a drawing by myself?
hm, as far as I understand, the closest thing I've seen yet to a three view of the Kamov Ka-40 is the one side view drawing, so if your looking for a three view your probably gonna have to make one up on your own, Matej.
Wikipedia has a page with more information on this aircraft:

Is the Ka-32-10 basically the present-day equivalent of the Ka-40 project, or was the Ka-40 larger?
Actually, the Ka-32-10 is larger, since its used for cargo/passenger transport. The Ka-40 is for ASW roles.

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