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28 January 2008
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Hi everybody

Ki-67 Ground attack

P1Y Mukade
with 10-12-14-16-17-18-or-20 20mm MGs

Fugaku "Mukade"
"The Second Attack on Pearl Harbor" Steve Horn
Page 267 and 268


Project Z

Maybe Someone knows the drawing of the twin finned Fugaku with 96 20mm MGs ?
Maybe Someone can show us this drawing ? Please.

Many thanks in advance for every reply
Arawasi Magazine
May 2006, Issue 4
"Winged Centipedes - The Mukade Projects",
Mike Goodwin with illustrations by Ta. Gucci and Jan Hajicek
(pg 21 - 25)

There is an illustration of the 96 gun Fugaku in 'action', but it is an artist's interpretation,
not a technical drawing.



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Hi everybody

BTW another Fugaku

Many greetings
An extract from my work that touches on the Fugaku gunship designs...insane as they may be. :eek: The information comes from Chikuhei Nakajima's "Strategy for Ultimate Victory."

"The first was an attack design which had no less than 400 Type 97 7.7mm machine-guns crammed into the aircraft. The front and the back of the bomber would accommodate 40 Type 97 machine-guns arranged in ten rows. The intent was to literally rain thousands of rounds down on enemy fleet ship targets with the theory that a swath of destruction 148ft wide and 6.2 miles long could be achieved with 15 Fugaku aircraft. Once the decks of the ships were swept of personnel, nine Fugaku bombers, each with twenty 2,000lb bombs or torpedoes, would arrive to deliver the coup de grace, covering a path 656ft wide and .62 miles in length with high explosive. Another version had the Fugaku being loaded down with 96 Type 99 20mm cannons. The front and the back of the aircraft would contain 12 cannons with each side of the aircraft were fitted with 36 cannons arranged in eight rows. The mission for this particular variant was to target enemy bombers that flew missions against Japan from hidden bases untouched by the Japanese airfield bombing campaign. By flying over the enemy bomber formation and unleashing a withering fusillade of cannon fire, it was speculated that ten of the cannon equipped Fugaku could bring down 100 bombers, the area covered by the cannons from one plane being 8.2ft wide and 1.86 miles long."
Hi everybody

Thanks for the informations !
But I still can not imagine how does it look like ? (with 96 20mm guns)
Are all guns located in the bomb bay ? Is it this version ? or another ?
Maybe someone can help ?

Many thanks in advance
Here is one artist's vision of the machine-gun armed Fugaku. From Good-bye, Fugaku - The Flying Battleship:The Illusory Air Strike for the US Mainland by Yoshiro Ikari.


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