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  1. N

    Information on the Ta-Ha SPAAG? I found some information here on Wikipedia, and received some information on how it may have looked on another thread...
  2. World B4

    IJA heavy mortars I can't find other sources referencing this, if it's not real what's the picture of?
  3. World B4

    Maru-Se rocket powered submarine

    I first saw this on navypedia, and I had a hard time finding more. I thought it might have been fake. I found these images
  4. World B4

    Chi-Se medium tank Given that there is one magazine listed as a source, and I don't have it to look into further, posting this here.
  5. World B4

    WW2 Japanese self propelled 20cm gun This thing's big...
  6. Grey Havoc

    Shoichi Yokoi memorial museum closes
  7. monochromelody

    Some thought about "Japanese Heavy Tanks"

    You may read some info from Maiwaffentrager's blog or somewhere else, which I seriously doubt any credibility. I would assume that these names show some certain design features, rather than factory names, I'll explain now. What Maiwftrgr. said Ai-96, Mitsu-97, Mitsu-104, Ishi-108, have names to...
  8. Tzoli

    Japanese Radar Type Designation Systems

    I've tried to collect the WW2 Japanese radar Type designation systems with data and if possible photos and drawings. Gathered from these sources:
  9. M


    Hello everyone. Today I wanted to share one of Japan's heavy tanks, the Aichi 96. Designed sometime after the Type95 heavy tank, Japan delved into producing new tanks in an attempt to fielding them across China. Multiple companies are listed to have taken part. This tank had at least unit built...
  10. M

    Japanese tanks and projects Pt.I

    Hello,for almost a year i was looking for japanese tanks/projects.I think everybody know about tanks like Chi-Ha or Chi-Nu.Unfortunately, not all tanks are as easy to find as Chi-Ha.In future I want to present a book called "Japanese tanks and projects".So today i want to show information that i...
  11. mackeebryanee13

    Anyone have a photo of Japanese ww2 Type 4 amphibious mines?

    Please. Anyone who have a rare photo of this landmine. Thanks
  12. airman

    other less known japanese aircraft projects

    On wikipedia we have Nakajima Ki-13 ( attacker airplane) , Mitsubishi Ki-14 (recon. coop.) , Kawasaki Ki-22 , Tachikawa Ki-29 , Mitsubishi Ki-42 ( Heavy Bomber ) , Nakajima Ki-37 ( fighter) , Mitsubishi...
  13. airman

    Japanese Focke Wulf fw 200

    The history about it i can see it : Anyone have more about it ?
  14. airman

    Mitsubishi Ki-99

    Is it a typo of Mitsubishi Ki-109 or an other based Ki-67 fighter or what else ?!
  15. Grey Havoc

    Japanese Nuclear Weapons Research during WW II EDIT: Renamed to reflect that the IJN actually had two atomic weapons projects during WWII (one subsequent to the other).
  16. airman

    Japanese airships until 1945

    Anyone know something about japanese airships until 1945 ? I have found this article on j-aircraft :
  17. Stargazer

    Some mysterious Japanese projects...

    While going through some Japanese sources I came across these seemingly undocumented projects: 7-Shi Special Bomber (one Nakajima prototype built — program cancelled) 7-Shi Reconnaissance Seaplane [E7N] (unbuilt Nakajima contender of the E7K "Alf" and E7A) 8-Shi Fighter (Nakajima proposal —...
  18. airman

    Nakajima Ki-49 and Ki-58 « Donryu » ("Helen")

    Nakajima Ki-49 III with Nakajima Ha-117 of 2 420 hp: anyone have images and more info about it ?
  19. blackkite

    Tachikawa Ki-94-Ⅱ

    Hi Ki-94! Enjoy.
  20. blackkite

    Various Nakajima projects and prototypes

    Hi hesham enjoy! I will report specification of these aircrafts near future. You can see many interesting topics when you click bottom parts of this site.
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