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14 January 2007
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Hi all,

I search the designations a birds by Lockheed and Vega. I you can, please with correct L- or V-numbers.



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The canard attack bomber was Lockheed's Model 30.
The XFM-2 was Lockheed's Model 11.
The Excalibur was Lockheed's Model 44.

I do not know the Vega designators for these, unfortunately, but the only fighter design in Vega's list prior to 1940 appears as "V-116", so perhaps this is it.
Thanks Stargazer2006...
...but the Lockheed Model 44 Excalibur had many differences to this model? ???


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I wasn't aware that there had been two distinct Lockheed designs with the name Excalibur... The one you featured at the top looks like a Constellation, while the one in your latest post resembles an enlarged Electra or a four-engine FM-2... From a design point of view, the latter pre-dates the former... and therefore seems a more likely candidate for the Model 44 designation. Another Lockheed mystery here...
Thanks Stargazer2006...
...but the Lockheed Model 44 Excalibur had many differences to this model? ???
The Wikipedia article about the Excalibur (partly relying on the book Lockheed Aircraft since 1913) notes that the original Excalibur design was an enlarged Model 10 Electra with a 21-passenger capacity, a 95 ft 9 in (29.18 meter) wingspan, and a 240 mph (390 km/h) cruising speed. This was revised to 36 passengers at 268 mph (431 km/h) cruise at 12,000 ft (3,700 m) altitude. This change included increasing the fuselage diameter, making it comparable to the Model 18 Lodestar, and increasing the wingspan to 95 ft 9 in (29.18 m). A tricycle landing gear with steerable nosewheel was envisioned, and the revised Excalibur design added a third tailfin. Therefore, the initial Excalibur design was similar to the Electra, Electra Junior, and Lodestar, before being later revised to include a third tailfin.

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