Hawker Siddeley HS.1205-5 V/STOL fighter

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27 December 2005
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This is one of my favourite "Super Harrier" designs.

AVIA 6/25876 An assessment of the vectored thrust aircraft to AST 403 in the maritime intercept role (corrected, thanks Mike :)


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That file marks the start of the Sea Harrier replacement studies. Only another decade until we get it!
Looks like someone went berserk with Airfix F-16 and Harrier models, sharp knife and modelling putty...

I sketched something like that once and a colleague (newly arrived from Kingston, and having signed the Offical Secrets Act) looked at it and turned green...
Initials GW?

Although Kingston pushed this for a while, when I asked Ralph Hooper about it he just said "Oh, that thing." Low slung engine meant low thrust line, so too much pitch-up to control in transition without bleeding the engine dry. Plus PCB and rear fuselage = low MTBF for avionics/systems there.
More info on the HS.1205-5 can be found in Tony Buttler's British Secret Projects 1: Jet Fighters Since 1950.

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