H3b 1920 British Battleship Design


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8 March 2007
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The H3b was a 45,000 ton displacement unbuilt battleship design featuring 6 x 18 inch guns across only 2 turrets with the unusual arrangement of having both turrets mounted high and forward but only one able to fire forwards. It also included massive 14 inch main belt armor and a phenomenal top speed of 33 knots. For more information on this amazing ship check-out Red Admiral's posting on the Re: G3 Battle Cruiser and N3 Battleship thread:


I haven't really done it justice as I used HMS Vanguard secondary armament and I couldn't find any good source material for 'Pom pom' AA guns but I hope it's of some entertainment anyway.

Cheers, Woody

PS: In light of recent events, I, the owner of this image, hereby licence this low resolution JPEG image for downloading by Top Secret Projects members and viewers, with the proviso that it is not republished or used for financial gain other than mine. (Should you want to publish it please email me :)).


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Hi Woody,

I can't see the image when I click on the thumbnail to enlarge it.
red admiral said:
I can't see the image when I click on the thumbnail to enlarge it.
It works fine in on a PC in Firefox but I just tried it on a mac using Safari and it didn't. Even in Explorer on the Mac I just got an un-scalable part of the image. If it's still a problem I'm happy to email it to you. Let me know.
Cheers, Woody
Hummm...maybe it was too big? I've re-saved at a greater JPEG compression and the file is now only 422 KB also I removed the spaces and brackets from the file name. But in the meantime I found some 2 pounder 'pom-pom' reference so at least that bit is now more authentic. Also now there are 2 versions; one 'aged' and one 'restored'. The aged version looks perhaps more credible but the restored one has prettier colours :). Let me know it you still can't see them.
Cheers, Woody


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