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8 March 2007
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I've always liked the French Richelieu Battleship with its state of the art construction and twin 4 gun turrets both firing forward. My only problems with it are it looks as though it's got room for 2 more turrets on the back and it's guns aren't big enough. This is my take on how a Super Richelieu may have looked if it had mounted 18 inchers, as I would have liked to see it.
I don't think there are any ships yet in this section so if anybody else has any (realistic) fantasy battleships I love to see them. (This is my second ever attempt at drawing a battleship, let me know what you think.)

Cheers, Woody


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Here's a a G3 battle cruiser at speed on rough seas. For more info on this fabulous design go to:,1747.0.html

The original image was from an uncredited photo taken at an Association of Model Submariners show that appeared on the The Never Were Catalog web site. I couldn't resist cutting it out and montaging it onto a seascape. I hope the original modeler approves and if he sees this he can email me and have my original high-res. Thanks to the modeler and The Never Were Catalog.
Cheers, Woody


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Doh! that was an old one of mine based on a Nelson photo. This is the Association of Model Submariners model of HMS Incomparable montage. Hope you like it.
Cheers, Woody


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