French Battleships

Which is the best choice from the development history and unbuilt project/variant side?

  • French Battleships, 1922-1956 Jordan & Dumas

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  • French Battleships 1933-1970 an Illustrated Technical Reference. W. Scarpaci

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Jan 22, 2006
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Wayne Scarpaci's book can be inspected at Amazon's web:

There are 15 pages for Richelieu class, 2 pages for Alsace class and 5 pages for conversion projects.

Especially interesting are the different concepts for the battleship'Jean Bart' which were put foward

I hope that means the BBG version is also illustrated.

There are many drawings so I think it could be an excellent purchase.

My doubt is will I find a better coverage on developmental story and unbuilt projects or conversions in Jordan & Dumas book to justify the higher price?

as well as the fullest English-language profile I have seen of the never-completed battleship designs projected after 1939 ("Clemenceau," "Gascogne" and "Alsace")...Especially delightful are the eight pages presenting 23 side elevation and overhead views -- in color -- of "Dunkerque," "Strassbourg," "Richelieu," "Jean Bart," "Clemenceau" and "Gascogne" as they appeared at different stages of their careers

Has anybody read any of this books and can give me some advice?.

Thanks in advance


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Feb 27, 2008
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G'day Pometablava,

Please see my comment at,2071.msg17609.html#msg17609.

The Jordan & Dumas a higher price but is probably the benchmark book on this topic. Heaps of line drawing of the design studies as well as items such as the proposal to convert the JeanBto an AA escort for the Pacific. Also gives good information on the environment that the designs were prepared against.

It is a hardcover 232 pages -compared to Scarpasi's soft cover of 100 pages.

I personally am very happy with the Jordan and Dumas book and doubt the Scarpasi book would add any more information.