Grumman G-235 "Gadfly" & Model134E "VTOL Mohawk" tilt-wing aircraft

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27 September 2006
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I recall a couple of pictures of designs for VSTOL versions of the Grumman Mohawk (one with tilt wing and another(I think from Boeing) with a VSTOL swing wing design?
Was this in answer to a requirement in the US or were the aircraft simply speculative ventures in the early 60s. The Boeing design is typically 60s like a flattened Mohawk with wswing wings and blended jets.
The pictures were in a German bound volume that I had nicked in Charing Cross Road about ten years ago because I foolishly had it in a bag that looked like a laptop bag. Still I always like to imagine the look on some yob's face when he found himself looking at Flieger Stoff Bumpf instead of a Toshiba or whatever.

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That reminds me on a version of the Canadair CL-84, designated CL-84E,
designed with CAS in mind and very close to a tilt wing Mohawk, Maybe there
was a US/canadian relation ? ???

(drawing from Flugrevue .6.66 )


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The Squadron/Signal "... In Action" book on the oV-1 has a picture of the model. I believe the tilt-wing version went with four engines for improved redundancy.
From Putnam, Grumman Aircraft


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As ever, thanks for the really helpful info in the Grumman tilt wing variant. Does anyone have anything on the Boeing design?

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The two color photos show a 4-engine variant of the Grumman Gadfly, which was originally a 2-engine project. I think this design was intended as a proof-of-concept for the Grumman 134E VTOL Mohawk (see b&w illustrations) but am not certain. I am hoping someone has more Gadfly info, such as Grumman design numbers, history and specs. Thank you.


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Better pictures of the Grumman Gadfly house model. The cockpit would have been a cramped place, with all the tilt-wing, powerplant and other control mechanisms running through it, not to mention the wing support structure.

I remember reading that an appropriately balanced Gadfly could be rested on its tailwheel for shorter STOL takeoffs.

If anyone has Grumman Aircraft Since 1929 by René Francillon (Putnam), I believe there is a 3-view drawing of a Gadfly variant in the design studies section, towards the end of the book.


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The Gadfly in the book, on page 565, only has two propellors,
identified as the Model 234-4,
see below.



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Very nice, but I have a problem with the designation: G-234 is supposed to designate an export version of the Grumman Albatross for the US Coast Guard (UF-2G) and Argentina!
robunos said:
Interesting..... The Gadfly in the book, on page 565, only has two propellers, identified as the Model 234-4.

The earlier, twin-engine Gadfly was only VTOL-capable, because of rotor clearance, like the V-22 Osprey. The 4-engine Gadfly was developed to add conventional and STOL capability to the aircraft. As mentioned earlier, I suspect it was intended as a proof-of-concept for the tilt-wing Mohawk 134E, but am not certain. I also don't have a Grumman model number for the 4-engine Gadfly.

[Now I do... It's the Grumman G-235-5, from September, 1959]
My mistake, I typed the wrong number, just re-checked, it is 235-4, as the picture says...... :-[

3-view drawing of the Grumman G-235-5 Gadfly (Sep. 1959). Benefit over twin-engine G-235-4 is CTOL capability. See model photos of G-235-5 on reply #1 of this thread.


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here is an artist drawing to G-134E VTOL aircraft.


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Grumman G-235-7 Gadfly factory model. Civilian-grade pitch rotor now has a protective shroud. [Source]


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