Good source book on unbuilt passenger liners

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27 September 2006
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Have just come across a book called "Damned by Destiny" by
David L Williams and Richard Kerbrech. It was published in 1983 or
1982 through the World Ship Society.

The book covers projected ocean liners from the 19th century to the
1970s. In particular it is a good source for impressions of the Cunard
early 60s Q3 which preceded the QE2.

Available on Amazon at various prices (originally about 20 Pounds, but going up these days)

On the same lines can anyone help me with the proposed British Hovercraft supership. I have seen a photo of a model of this in an early 60s mag and it looks like a very long version of the SRN4 on steroids with a nose like the Russian Rakete hydrofoils.

What-if merchant ships are also covered in a good article in Airfix magazine about British nuclear ship designs (again from the early 60s). I had one somewhere but lost it in the maelstrom of my books and papers.

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Unbuilt ocean liner projects...never considered that. In fact covering unbuilt civilian ship projects at the forum could be an interesting topic. Why not?.

Ocean liners, nuclear power, bizarre concepts, submarines, mega-tankers. I'll try to dig a bit and start a new topic. Everybody is invited!


Thanks again for posting info about british nuclear powered ships which was an unknown subject for me,6528.0/highlight,nuclear+royal+navy.html

It could be great if you could find this Airfix magazine and add more info about nuclear powered merchant ships :)

Thanks for the comments. I am on the hunt for the material from the
Airfix magazine. I think it comes from the early 60s. If I don't find my copy
I will have a look at Toy/Plane fairs or shops to buy a replacement.

UK 75
For those of you interested in cruise ships, if you are not familiar with this web-site I quite like it. It gives great side view drawings to scale of most of the cruise ships the past 100 years, and also a number of photographs too. Basic data is also provided about each type. Have a look at, I enjoy browsing through it. (If I may add an aside, if you, like me, also delight in skyscrapers, then check out It is amazing. A number of very skilled draughtsmen have brought together a collection of to scale drawings of all the world's tallest buildings - and countless others - with data, as well as discussion forums. I love it, and it is my other favourite website after secretprojects.)
Finally, a huge thanks to all you guys who have made, & continue to make, this site incredible - not only for the masses of information you supply, the wonderful, and often unavailable 3-views (my great passion), and also for the comaraderie amongst you. It is wonderful. Wishing you all, all the best.
Does this book cover the unbuilt White Star Line Oceanic III of the late 1920s?
Nah, doesn't have that one. Damn, caught me first time :mad: For the White Star Line it covers Britannic II, Titanic, & Olympic.
I'm going to see if it will attach here the drawing of the Titanic.


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You say book. I guess you might be referring to one of the earlier posts, I am referring to

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