The Lunar Exploration Scrapbook: Good source for what-if moonlanding stuff

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27 September 2006
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Have just bought the "Lunar Exploration Scrapbook" by Robert Goodwin (ISBN 978-1894959-69.8) Apogee Books. This is a great fully illustrated softcover book with illustrations of various proposed and actual US and British moonlanding proposals from the BIS moonlander to the various Apollo derived schemes of the late 60s-early 70s.

Got my copy from Waterstones Astronomy section, but I am sure Amazon can provide. The illustrations are in the form of computer images and small photos of models and brochures. The text is sparse allowing for plenty of illustrations. A must have for any what-if spacemodelers. Use with Mark Wade's Encyclopaedia Astronautica website for a completer picture.

UK 75
I brought my copy from Amazon, three months ago.
The book REALLY worth every euro spent to but it!!!!!

A "must" that each Astronautics-fan won't miss!!
Ok, I'm convinced. Peppe, why you don't drop in Milan on June 16th ?
Skybolt said:
Ok, I'm convinced. Peppe, why you don't drop in Milan on June 16th ?

I would be really glad to be in Milan the next 16th of June, the fact is in that period I will be still in Honeymoon in Paris.... ;)
OhOhOh, much more interesting place to be... ;D

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