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27 October 2007
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Hi All,
Just came across this new book that I thought might be of interest to this board-
The Lunar Exploration Scrapbook from Apogee books.
from the site-
A Pictorial History of Lunar Vehicles by Robert Godwin - 224 pages full color with over 750 illustrations. The book comprises over 200 3D Wire-frame texture-mapped models of Lunar Vehicles. This includes over 80 Lunar Landers, 80 Rovers and Mobile Laboratories, and more than 50 Lunar Flying Vehicles designed between1938 and 1972.

I've not seen it firsthand just yet, but have a collection of some of their previous publications, and generally find them pretty good.

Anyone seen a copy yet?
Anyone got this now? I'm very tempted, but I wouldn't mind seeing what someone who has a copy has to say.
Thanks SpaceMax,

Added to my wish list at amazon to be purchased in January 2008 :)
I've taken the plunge and ordered it anyway... ;D

Ta, SpaceMax, for the alert!
Well, my copy has arrived, and I have to say that it is a splendid publication!

It's a bit smaller than A4 in size, though of roughly the same width-height proportions. It's deceptively thin, yet there are over 200 pages. The paper is good quality glossy stock, perfect for reproducing fine detail in illustrations.

And what magnificent illustrations! There are literally hundreds of CG reconstructions of a bewildering variety of lunar landers, lunar rovers, lunar tractors, you name it! All are US designs, with the sole exception right at the start of the BIS designs of 1938-49, in honour of their being the first real engineering attempt to devise methods of landing on the moon. These are covered in a two-page spread with splendid CG illustrations, and a BIS drawing from 1939.

The text is laid out in coloured panels, generally blue, against the CG backgrounds: pretty well all CG reconstructions of vehicles depict them on the lunar surface. Orionblamblam's attachment above is fairly representative. There are also many reproductions of original drawings as well. The text contains a wealth of information.

Frankly, I cannot recommend this book highly enough. Anyone with even a passing interest in spacecraft should order it now.

DISCLAIMER: I neither know nor have any other conceivable connection with the author or publishers of this book.
Just got mine and heartily recommended it is. One small niggle I had with it was the same generic Astronaut figure appearing for scale in most of the CGI pictures who reminded me of Major Matt Mason - then I read the intro and chuckled to myself...


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