1/1200 model of unbuilt Cunard Liner Q3

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27 September 2006
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More elegant to my opinion, than the QE2.
But the model looks a bit basic to nowadays standard.
The model is available as a kit and being resin can be worked on.
The intention was to have a simple model to go with the Triang Minic Cunard liners which many UK collectors have in 1/1200.
Well, I'm out of the 1/1200 and 1/1250 "business" since the late '80s. Hadn't realised, that it's
a kit, because it is advertised as "painted", which for me always meant "finished". But you're
right, a kit gives everybody the chance to detail it to te wanted level. The davits just reminded
me to those good old Wiking vintage !
beauty indeed


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I don't like the forward funnel/mast, IMHO it is too far forward and throws the design out of balance. What was the planned size of the power plant, were two funnels necessary?

JohnR said:
I don't like the forward funnel/mast, IMHO it is too far forward and throws the design out of balance.

I'd agree, the funnels look too tall for the length methinks. Are there any specifications for this ship? More to the point, did the designers get as far as drawing up the deck plans?
I think there are drawings somewhere. There is a thread about Q3 on one of the Cruise Liners sites.

The artist's impressions and the models were all I had to go on when suggesting the model to Mountford. The absence of detail is deliberate as the model is intended to look like a Triang Minic ship model from about 1963 when Q3 might have been announced. Triang Minic did a model of the FRANCE without wings because they had info before she went into service.
There isn't really a whole lot to go on here, though, in truth, there was more than one design in contention to replace the aging Queens, offered by several shipyards.

This forum link tells a fair bit about it


While this one includes one potential design for the newer, smaller ship that ultimately became the QE2.


In case the details of the boardroom fight didn't make it in the others, there's this:


Thought I'd also add one of those pictures...


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Could someone, who has the model, please tell me what it's overall length, waterline length & beam are? I can then multiply them by 1200, to get the ship's dimensions, which I would be interested to know.
Small addition to the Q3 story, relayed from a talk given by Stephen Payne in Glasgow recently.

The original intention was for Q3 to replace QUEEN MARY, with QUEEN ELIZABETH planned to run alongside the new ship until 1975. The 1965 refit to QUEEN ELIZABETH was carried out with this in mind - she was expected to operate the 'express Atlantic ferry' route during the summer, and cruise in the winter when Q3 would be able to handle the traffic alone.

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