German WWII Flakmine


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28 January 2008
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Hi everybody

I'm looking for a drawing of the Zeppelin Kugelblitz. It should be a manned/unmanned Flakmine.
There is a picture of the Zeppelin Feuerball Flakmine (little version of Kugelblitz)

Thanks in advance

This seems to be just another part of the good old nazi UFO mythology. I would recommend this website:

I would say that this "Flakmine" is completely fictional.
V-7 Feuerrad aka Zeppelin Kugelblitz
this is completely fictional

V number end at V-3 a Supergun
I am guilty of that drawing.
The original information, probably false, comes from Lufthart
It can certainly be thought that the publication dealing on these subjects is not serious. But I do have here a Flying Saucer illustration from Air International.


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The first picture shows the Feuerball! Thanks for the picture! Justo
Is that all fiction ?

FAIK the second picture showed, how a plasma torch could work (could !)
and how it could be used. It wasn't a real project, just a drawing to explain
the principles .
Interesting. The flak mine at least is a possible design. I wouldn't have guessed...
i do remember that read somewere about german manned flak mine... Is it Feuerball ar another thing?

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