DFS "Rammer" and DFS "Eber"


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28 January 2008
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Hello everybody

Is there anybody who knows more about these Projects !
I have only found this little Picture
DFS "RAMMER" http://www.geocities.com/unicraftmodels/germ/dfs-rammer/dfs-rammer.htm
Here are some Pictures from the DFS "EBER"

Thanks in advance
In medium 1944, the German institute dynamics flight DVL
was it originally considered project of the glider - fighter ( the small distance) Arms - 8 R4M or Fohn. Later project there was orientated for attacks overland targets. For delivery of the glider in zone combat action was an accepted decision to realize the hardpoint under fuselage of the carryinging plane on standard holder of the type ETS 500. Possible change As 014 on HWK 109-509 or solid-fuel rocket engine.
V.Shunkov "Planes of the Germany WW II" 2002


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Hi everybody

Thanks for these Pictures! borovik
So the DFS "Rammer" should be a Ground-Attacker.
But i always thought that the DFS "Rammer" should be a plane to ram bombers in the air.

Many greetings
Orionblamblam said:
borovik said:
Too many sausages, I'd guess.
The Regard Scott, Thank you :D and i'm sorry about absurd misprint. Whole blame my bad english and naive confidence to program of the automatic translation of the text "Socrates personal"
I have forgotten to mention that "sausage" n.2 in my postings is taken from book V.KOZYREV "Secret projects luftwaffe". Both publishings (without references to first sources) and "Unicraft models" from east europe. Bokskit, Justo, Jemiba... welcome if You have that to add.
Alike DVL projects "Last hope":

But i always thought that the DFS "Rammer" should be a plane to ram bombers in the air.
On cause DFS "Rammer" I think also
my find (now I hope it is OK ).
In this source is eber anti - aircraft plane powered by solid rocekt engine .OK - there were 2 posibilites DFS developed pulsejet (200kg thrust) or two RI-502 solid rocket engines (1500kg thrust for 6 seconds, rocekt length 1,27m, rocket diameter 17,8cm), but due to hihg thermal loads imposed to aircraft and pilot it was decidet to use silid rocket engines. First idea of attacking was ramming attack, but due to high G - load it was changed to attack by guns (in containers under the wing - as shown at 3 side draw here: http://www.geocities.com/unicraftmodels/germ/eber/eber.htm) I was possible carry bombs too (as you can see at draws from borovik). Sorry for my bad english :)


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Hi, Did any one have more info about "Rammer"and "Eber" ?
In mid 1944 DVL designed a short range fighter plane. The aircraft was a small, heavily armored aircraft propelled by a liquid or solid rocket motor intended to fire a salvo of rockets. The wing was a wooden single spar construction with spoilers on the upper surface and fuel tanks located in the root for the liquid engine. Armor was a 15mm plate in front and a 7.5mm plate on the side. The instrumentation was simple with an oxygen system for the pilot. Engine was either a walter type with a nozzle from a 163 of solid boosters, both of 300kg thrust. Estimated duration of the engine was 2min for liquid and 1min for solid. Armament was 8 R4M rockets. It was envisioned that this type could be suspended from a standard ETS-500 bomb carrier, with the carrier aircraft being a 190, 152, 262 or Ju-188.
It was thought that this type could hit enemy bridgeheads, tanks, ships, bomber formations, ect. Detachment from the carirer for ground attack would occur at an altitude of 4km, with the plane having a post-attack glide range of up to 30km. For bomber attack it would disengage 5km in front at 750m above the formation, starting the engine after a first head on pass is made. After the attack the plane would dive to the nearest air field.

A more powerful version was later designed that could carry a torpedo or bombs of 400kg.
Span 5m
Area 3.5m
Length 3m
Width 0.7m


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Additional info


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From Oltre il Cielo 1958 05,

I can't ID this Eber aircraft drawing ?.


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Hamzalippischh said:
Poorly drawn Heinkel P.1077 Julia (left) and Arado E.381 II (right) in my opinion.

No,it was mentioned previously in the same article.


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