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21 October 2007
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i found this page:

does anybody have more info about this device??

Thank you

Himmelsturmer case

Greyfalcon has this to say:

This is however just another piece of good old Arndtie "information" so there is no reason to believe anything he says. No real photos or sources as usual.

Wikipedia also mentions the Himmelsturmer and one of the sources seems to be: "German Secret Weapons and Wonder Weapons of World War II", CHRISTOF FRIEDRICH, Samisdat Publications, 1976.

I guess everyone knows that this guy is another lunatic more commonly known as neo-nazi Ernst Zündel.

Therefore whole Himmelsturmer case seems to be standing on firm ground... ::)
Here you are some speculative stuff from "Unknown N.4"


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Re: Himmelsturmer case

FarSight said:
Therefore whole Himmelsturmer case seems to be standing on firm ground... ::)

Arndt + Zundel = almost certainly bullcrap.

The whole idea of a rocket pack to allow for long jumps is, to put it simply, kinda stupid. The advantage of such a device would seen to be a bit obscure, while the risks (never mind the rocket blowing up... just imagine *landing*) are immense. Even the whackjobs running the show at the tail end of Nazi Germany would know not to blow serious effort on such a project.
However, although technically difficult to execute, the idea was probably easy to sell to the OKW generals.
The mentality of those men, who lived the frustration of war trenches during the WWI, was very vulnerable to any technological solution that could allow infantrymen to overcome obstables.
Perhaps some astute technicians could avoid being translated to the East Front or within a U-Boat thanks to such an eyecatching project....
This thread is almost as funny as the seeing that little intel film,in "The Rocketeer", of Nazis in rocket packs attempting to storm Washington DC. :D
The idea of a jet belt or jet pack was already in the imagination of pre-war SF and has continued to evolve. Here is an example from the fifties started by RMI(RMD) Inc of a jump belt.


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