General Dynamics Convair Models 200 / 201 / 218 Sea Control Ship fighters

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27 December 2005
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Don't know much about this one. Pictures sourced online; possibly from an old Aviation Week. Convair Model 200.

[Images removed - better copies later in topic]
Drawings came from:Air Progress June 1973.

3-view and article on page 204 in Air International October 1974.

Regards All.

I have more info about this design from Air International (It was described in the Datafile section) and Le Fana de L'Aviation. I have also some info about Grumman's contender from Mini Docavia.

I'll post it later

Is there anyone who have information or illustrations of
the conventional take of and landing variant of the General Dynamics Convair
model 200. This one should be the model 218...

Thanks in advance gentlemen.

Dear Lark,

Here it is the GD 218




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Thanks Antonio,

Any sources about the Model 218 ?
GD218 drawing source:

Aircraft 2000. The future of Aerospace Technology. Bill Sweetman. Hamlyn. ISBN 0 600 34726 5. 1984. On page 89.
Convair Model 200A

Selected for further study, alongside the XFV-12A, which eventually "won".

$250,000 contract placed with Convair on 12 Feb 1973 for a four month engine/airframe and performance analysis.

Canard delta layout, Mach 2.0 class. Uses P&W JTF22A-30A (F401 variant) engine and two left engines in tandem behind the cockpit. 3 bearing swivel nozzle deflects the main engine thrust downwards. Bleed air from lift fans drives a reaction control system with nozzles at each wingtip and under the nose. Claimed to have a get-home capability on the two lift engines alone and STOL landing with one lift engine out. $600,000 programme to define a suitable lift engine; Allison, CAE, AiResearch and General Electric interested in the proposal Thrust of 10,500lb required.

Powerplant: JTF22A-3-A with thrust of 14,000lb [presumably non-afterburning] and 2 lift engines of 10,500lb each.
Performance: Mach 2 class
MTOW: about 30,000lb
Span: 27 ft 10.5 in (8.49m)
Length: 51 ft 1.5 in (15.58m)
Height: 18ft (5.49m)

Convair Model 201 CTOL variant, single and two seat variants, for VFR and all-weather operations, 74% common by weight with the Model 200 V/STOL version.
About the General Dynamics 200...;topic=103.0;attach=1806;image

This pic is showed in le Fana mentioned by Pometablava in page 2 of this thread. The magazine show a color pic ;)

More serioulsy, it seems that there's some minor differences between the 200 artists renderings, and the 3-view. Canards and wings planforms are slightly different, as the rear part of the fuselage (was the tilting exhaust similar to the F-35 system ?)

E-7 was yet another design intended to use exhaust-driven ejectors for vstol lift. After the fiasco of the XFV-12A, following on the failure of the XV-4A (it had to be rebuilt as the XV-4B with a battery of lift jets to do any vstol ops), you'd think people would finally realize that there's a fatal disconnect as you scale up from wind tunnel to full scale.

No way, we are talking about the magic world of V/STOL aircrafts, were errors are never considered seriously, and made again and again, every 15 years, time for a generation to come and forget what their forerunner did... (see the ducted fan or lift jets never-ending sagas ;D)

slightly off topic (sorry) is it just me or is the P.116 showed in page 7...;topic=103.0;attach=15869;image

... looks like a V/STOL Gripen ??!! I suppose its because of the P.106 connection... ::)
Archie- yes, the Yak-41 stole the idea from the Convair 200, and then Lockheed stole it back ;)
Well, General Dynamics aviation division was sold to Lockheed in 1989 no ?
And Lockheed also carefully studied Yak-41 (a deal was firmed with Yakovlev in 1995 if I remember well).
I suppose this helped for the F-35 tilting exhaust...

PS Thank you for the dedicated thread, I'm actually building a 1/72 scale model of this aircraft, so its cool having all data on hand...
Back to topic. Some drawings....



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Greetings All -

A photo of a nice model of the Convair Model 201 on the Lockheed Code One site:

Enjoy the Day! Mark
Mark Nankivil said:
Greetings All -

A photo of a nice model of the Convair Model 201 on the Lockheed Code One site:

Enjoy the Day! Mark

From the Code One magazine website:

The Convair Model 201 was a conventional takeoff and landing version of a vertical takeoff and landing fighter proposed to the US Navy in the early 1970s. The design claimed a seventy-four percent commonality with the primary V/TOL version, which was called Model 200. Both designs had delta wings and canards. The design competed against, and eventually lost to, the Rockwell XVF-12A. The XVF-12A program was canceled in 1981.


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Aviation Week:

(featured same pictures already posted)


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Factory model of Convair 200 SCS VTOL fighter.


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overscan said:
Article from the defunct Air Progress magazine:

Actually the article is from Air International. Only the bottom pics are from Air Progress!! ;)
Oh I like this airplane,does somebody have some data about Wing area. Thanks anyway,this is the best forum on the world

As good a place as any. Mods feel free to change.
More, from same location:


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Nice pics artwork gents!!

What a great pitty for the USN & USMC (and potentialy the RAF & RN for that matter) that this avenue of this RFP's was not followed instaed of the time, money and effort on that North American/Rockwell 'thing' :mad:

I have tried to locate more artwork by Allen A. Adams on the web, but it appears he is known more as a "famous wildlife artist" than an aviation artist... Here is a beautiful 1981 painting of a horse's head with the same signature as in the above Convair 201 paintings.


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Hi All -

for those who like the Model 200:

Enjoy the Day! Mark


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