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12 July 2006
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The Australian Government Aircraft Factories proposed a ground attack version of the "Nomad" STOL transport called "Bellata". I would like to see an artist's impression or three-view drawing of this project - who can help?
Does anyone have AI June 1973 ("Australian Wanderer")?

I had a look in AI vol22 No 5 (May 1982) to see if "Nomad - Master of Many Trades" might have a mention of the Bellata. No luck (sorry boxkite). It did get me wondering about the original Project N, though.

According to AI, design studies began in 1965 (not 1969 as mentioned elsewhere). Originally, Project N produced the N1 design for a single-engined, two-seaterto replace the Army's Cessna 180s.

Later, Project N got overtaken by AIR/68, a joint RAAF/Australian Army project for FAC, battlefield surveillance, and command/liaison. The first study (which I'm assuming is the subject of the attached 3-view) retained a single Allison 250. The team under Alan Wrigley then concluded that two 250s were required resulting in the N2 Nomard prototype.

[BTW, check out the T-tail Nomad conversion at the bottom of the linked page.]


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Unfortunately I didn't make a notice where I read about this Bellata project ... :(

Sorry, Apophenia.

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