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F-23A blueprint posters… who wants ‘em?


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Apr 5, 2006
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I’ve had test prints made at 16X24 and 12X18, and plan on doing at least one at 24X36. I can vouch for the quality of the first two, and have every expectation of the large format version to be equally as good, just hugenormous.

One of the reasons why I dropped the paper version of APR and went to all digital was the up-front expense of having a bunch of things printed that then didn’t sell and just sat there gathering dust (and eventually water). So this time… who wants one? Let me know via email… I’m not taking orders as such, keep yer money (unless you want to buy something else or donate, then by all means do so). But I want to have an idea how many to have printed up.

Large (24X36): $60

Medium (16X24): $30

Small (12X18): $15

Plus shipping costs (call it six-ish US, 8,5-ish non-US, with discounts for multiple orders).

If interested, send me an email saying how many of which you would be ready to buy. Email address: