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If you want any of my products, BUY NOW (APR, Pluto, CD-ROM docs & dwgs...)


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Apr 5, 2006
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A contract job has come up rather suddenly. While it's not official (in writing) yet, I do have verbal confirmation of the job offer. It is a temporary position in Maryland, duration somewhere around 9-12 months. The start date is extremely near in the future... I am busy scanning and packing.

I intend to keep my "downloadable" business running; all that's required there is email. But physical mailing, be it CD-ROM or posters, will have to be put on hiatus. This is of course going to play hell with Aerospace Projects Review...

So if you want anything I sell on CD-ROM or you want one of the Pluto posters, buy now. I will be shutting down that part of the business as soon as the paperwork for the new job gets here, which should be Friday or Saturday.