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5 April 2006
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I'm working on the latest batch of nine drawing & document sets for release. A difference this time is that these are available for download as well as CD-ROM. I've got my website set up so that parts of it require passwords, so the way this will *hopefully* work is that when I get an email that someone has bought an item for download, I'll send the appropriate download page, username and password. Thus no waiting for me to burn the CD, no waiting for the Post Office in the US, overseas travel, nothing. Instead of several weeks (trip time to UK & Germany & France seems to be about a week, Russia seems to be 3 weeks, Italy seems to be a month or more), you should have the files within 24 hours or so. Some might be kinda big, so download times could be an issue.

I will be running the same experiment with APR issue V1N6. If this works out, I will make most everything available in the same fashion. There are a few items that are just too big, so there'll always be a few that are CD-only, but hopefully most things will be downloadable soon.

The next batch of items:
Martin "Mighty Midget" brochure
Northrop N-144 drawings
Northrop N-149 drawings
Early SR-71 drawings... single seat A-12, XR-AF-12 inboard profiles and layouts
Early Atlas Standard Aircraft Characteristics
Atlas Standard Aircraft Characteristics
Reusable Atlas report
Another large-format Saturn V inboard profile
Large format Titan III inboard profile

EDIT: now up and running. See below for pics.
I noticed you have the Northrop N-167 inboard. Do you have the 3-view of that as well?
sferrin said:
I noticed you have the Northrop N-167 inboard. Do you have the 3-view of that as well?



A difference this time will be that these will be made available for download as well as CD-ROM.
Great news !
Great news for overseas customers :)
When you choose for download the Atlas Standard Char and the Reusable Atlas pdfs, both appear in the Paypal Cart ias "AirDrw 24 Ah-56".

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