All Aircraft documents and Space Drawings now downloadable


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5 April 2006
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... except for Aircraft Document #2 (Bf110B manual), due to its 110 megabyte filesize.

This gives another option for buying documents and drawings... cheaper than CD-ROM (especially for non-US orders), and a whole lot faster.

The aircraft drawings & docs page is updated to incorporate the new buying option. The space doc & drawing pages have not yet been but will soon... but the main drawings and documents catalog page has all available downloadable documents available with PayPal links. I will also work on making the aircraft drawings and space documents available for download.
That's great, thanks Scott :)
Found that "Helicopters Misc 1" it is not available for the moment...I'll wait
pometablava said:
Found that "Helicopters Misc 1" it is not available for the moment...I'll wait

The "aircraft drawings" and "spacecraft docuemnts" catalog is relatively large. It'll take a while to get those made available for downloading. Not only a whole lot of time-consuming rewriting of the HTML code for the webpages, but also uploading the files themselves. I don't know why, but uploading takes an incredibly long time. Downloadings goes *really* fast, but uploading has taken sometimes an hour per file. Bleah.

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