Wouldn't this dump spent stages on Greenland ? or worse, on Iceland ? (although it is a rather small "target")

As for Azores : same story with Africa, no ?
if you launch from mainland Portugal south like Vandenberg, no problem
from Azores launch like the from Kennedy space center east, it goes over Sahara desert, its population almost zero.
the french dit this with Diamant A launches too
EUROSEC Space Exploration Complex, here we come ;)!

to put in Context

from this movie...
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAEBZjVRbAc
The 1st and 2nd stages for the maiden Ariane 6 flight have come together. Once the integration process is complete, the stacked rocket will be transferred to the Mobile Gantry and lifted into a vertical position. Credit: ESA-CNES-ARIANESPACE-ArianeGroup / Optique vidéo du CSG

I assume that the SRBs have already been stacked on the MLP?
France finance €400 million to four private launch startups.
HyPrSpace, Latitude, Sirius Space Services, and MaiaSpace. (subsidiary of ArianeGroup)

Notice the Boudoir type of fund allocation that will plague France access to space as much surely that it did in the 1950s with the frenzy of gov financed prototypes that led to nothing.
Was there any RFI, RFP? No. Too much cliché, I guess.
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