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  1. Grey Havoc

    ESA Ariane 6

    http://aviationweek.com/space/ariane-6-becomes-reality#slide-0-field_images-1434561 ("Ariane 64" seems to be a typo.)
  2. Michel Van

    Advance Ariane 5 studies from 1990s

    ESA made in beginn 1990 several study for advance Ariane 5 rocket, what let to big Ariane super lourd concept 1991 also they study this interesting Idea Ariane 5 with TWO Vulcain (HM60) engines with each 800 kN thrust and 220 tons fuel in EPC The Idea behind the concept is this Problem...
  3. Michel Van

    Ariane 5 Prototypes evolution 1977 to 1985

    already in 1977 were studies for Ariane with Lox/Lh2 upperstage those became 1977 to 1982 the Ariane 5R study aka in Forums "the Ariane 5 Common core booster" design Note code: P=solid fuel, L=Liquid fuel, H=Lox/LH2 fuel. Number=fuelmass in tons 1977 "Systéme Ariane Véhilcule Habitable"...