Douglas DC-1 bomber variant


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17 February 2006
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In the Aeroplane magazine 'database' series- February 2007- a small photo of a windtunnel model
is shown of an unbuilt bomber variant of the DC-1.
Is there someone who haves more information of this unknown project ?
The model shows no relation with the DB-1 /B-18 bomber.
Thanks in advance.
My dear lark,

I will search about that project,but there was also anther project like DC-1 bomber
it was Douglas DB-5 bomber which developed from DC-5 airliner.
Yes I know that Hesham , but I'm searching more info
of the DC-1 bomber variant...
The October '10 issue of Air Classics has a lengthy article on the DC-1, and it includes a photo of the wind tunnel model mentioned above. The caption says that the photo was dated March 14, 1934. Unfortunately, there's no further information. Has anybody ever turned up anything more?


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Exact the same picture as used in the Aeroplane 'Database'.
Much thanks. Still no further info found...
No relation with DB1/B-18 or probably B-18 was a indirectly development of this !

The Douglas DB-1 was essentially a bomber variant of Douglas Dc-2 ( a more powerful variant of DC-1)

Could someone, that have both magazine, scanner and free time be so kind to scan and send to me articles on DC-1, published in "Aeroplane" and "Air Classics"? The aircraft is quite rare and not well covered, as far as I knew.

I'll be very appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

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