Dictionnaire Fanatique du Trident


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26 November 2008
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I just purchased this exceptional new book on the SNCASO SO 9000 Trident and wanted to make the community aware of it. I read a great review of it at http://www.aerostories.org/~aerobiblio/article2366.html (a terrific site for enthusiasts of French aviation) and purchased it directly from the author, Paul Gauge, using the order form on the site. Mr. Gauge actually was an engineer on the Trident SO 9050 003, so he's quite an authority on the aircraft. The book is a hardcover, 288 pages, landscape format. Printed on high quality glossy paper and packed with never before published photos, drawings, documents etc. of these interesting experimental rocket interceptors. It also includes some general arrangement drawings of early studies and proposed follow-on developments. It costs 45 Euros, with shipping to the US being an additional 20 Euros. The book is expensive but well worth it, in my opinion. It is a high quality self-published effort limited to 500 copies and Mr. Gauge has already sold about 40% of them; get yours before it sells out!


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Oh!! We need English or Japanese version.

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