Chinese Shenyang Anjian (Dark Sword) UCAV


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24 March 2007
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And the Chinese ones....which I lost the lonk for :(



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The black UCAV is called the Anjian. A very fitting name, as it means "Black Sword".
People's Daily article on the Shenyang Anjian's impending trip to Paris:

Found via:
DWG said:
People's Daily article on the Shenyang Anjian's impending trip to Paris:

Found via:

Looks like it's not sure what it's suppose to be.
Chinese Shenyang Anjian (Dark Sword) UCAV model, MAKS 2007


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Merged existing topics, removed now useless messages.
What are the first two that appear to be of a manned a/c?

lantinian said:
And the Chinese ones....which I lost the lonk for :(

Guess what...manned Anjian may be?
Good top view of manned Anjian


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By the way , if you guys take a closer look at the fourth pic from the top , you will see something which very closely resembles the Chinese Global hawk which has been doing the rounds of some airfield on the ground.

Its in black and its just above the Anjian towards the top right hand corner of the picture.
Hmm, anyone tried imagining the thing minus wings and canards? It looks like it would make a great hypersonic aircraft.

Of course, you could also think they tacked the wings and canards on after they made the design ;D


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Fascinating, but unless more details are released about used technology or possible roles for this project all we have is a lot of speculation. I, for one, immediately surmised it might have been a ramjet design... ( as stated in the link posted above).
I have the old note (google translation) that identifies that FSW manned one as the Q-7.

Q-7 stealth attack plane: Q -7 is China's upcoming project developed a new generation of close support attack aircraft, using stealth design, equipment from a 624-developed YWH-30-27 core of the development of derivatives Xiao Han, than non-augmented turbofan engines WS-18, the biggest thrust 10000-11000 kilograms, have a certain supersonic cruise capacity. The aircraft will gradually replace our Q-5.
bobbymike said:

Sorry to say so, but if I could I would like to ban all "" links from this forum, since this site is not even worth to type the letters. :mad:

Anjian (= Dark Sword) is dead and was replaced in the meantime by the Lijian (= Sharp Sword) !
A full-size mock-up or prototype?


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Higher res:
Obviously a mock-up.
mrmalaya said:
The intake looks half there. Is that just me?

The lip of the intake is probably not a straight line perpendicular to the centre but pointed in the middle, like a stingray, which is why you can't see the far-side part of the intake.
Everyone’s favourite writer has been running with this story. ;D

We’ve seen him run this argument before as well.

Above all else, this development serves as another reminder of how China is surging ahead when it comes to advanced unmanned combat aircraft capabilities, while the U.S. acts as if the concept doesn't even exist even after it proved to be a game-changing breakthrough a decade and a half ago.

Without a doubt, there is development being done in the classified realm on advanced unmanned systems, but at this stage, that is problematic in itself, especially when it comes to providing significant funding for such programs, as the very concept relies on volume of airframes above all else. It also makes tailoring an air combat fighting doctrine to accommodate such an awesome shift in capabilities nearly impossible, which is hugely wasteful and even negligent as it deeply impacts procurement decisions. It's not worth relitigating this complex and multi-faceted but seldom talked and highly misunderstood issue in this article as we have explained it in great depth before. You can access that feature here.
That's why I don't go to "The Drive". Always a chance it might be an article written by that clown.
Regarding the photo above, is that how the Dark Sword will appear in production or will they make changes to it as needed when they start to test fly it?

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