Wind-tunnel research in China !


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2 January 2006
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Sorry, and I’m not sure if this is the correct place to post, but anyway …

I just found something strange and sadly no-one even in the German FlugzeugForum can help me.
Following the “bible” on Chinese Aviation so far (China Today: Aviation Industry) the first wind-tunnel was built in Shenyang in September 1965 located at the „Shenyang Aircraft Factory“. This one called FL-1– a copy oft he Soviet type AT-1 Windtunnels - … etc. …

Now, even if I’ve read this article several times before I noticed that in the „Fliegerkalender 2008” Mr Käsmann wrote an interesting article about China’s ambitious plans for a true high-speed/high-altitude interceptor, the Dong Feng 113.

Ferdinand C.W. Käsmann said:
Modellversuche in dem inzwischen aus der DDR bezogenen Hochgeschwindigkeits-Windkanal HK-2 hatten zudem eine mögliche Höchstgeschwindigkeitssteigerung auf Mach 2,4 verhießen, …

Translated: ....test with models tested in the high-speed wind-tunnel HK-2 acquired via the German Democratic Republic promised even higher speeds to about Mach 2.4 ...

Does anyone have any more related information about that type of wind-tunnel and especially a possible Chinese-GDR-cooperation … which is completely new to me. ???

Many thanks in advance,
Maybe you will find very usefull information and/or tips on German-Chinese cooperation in the well-informed german magazine "Raumfarhrt Concrete".

Years ago, in the early 1990s, Käsmann visited a Chinese aerospace museum and photographed a titanium-made scultpture (oddly bonded, poorly made), very reminiscent of a hypersonic waverider planform. Some sort of carret winged wind tunnel model. This object was presented as scultpture, and called the "sky soul". Hmmm...

A small size B&W photograph of this very puzzling object / "artwork" was published in the readers column of Spaceflight, the journal of the British Interplanetary Society. No feedback was ever given, to the best of my knowledge. I cannot find this article anymore but interested forum members will certainly help you there.

Regards to all
Yes, I know that "sculpture" ... but IMO its actually nothing more than a sculpture at the entrance of the Datangshan museum.

What I would like to know is, if anyone knows if there was actually a Chinese-GDR cooperation, consultation, ... ? ???

Some in the biography of chinese aerodynamicist Ming-de Ma

June 1956 ,NUDT(National University of Defense Technology) send people to GDR to discuss near-sonic wind tunnel technical conditions and ordering the contract.
March 1959, The wind tunnel imported from GDR has been installed in 701 Institute(The third Design and Research Institute of China Aviation Industry,Changsha, Hunan),Because they are in urgent need of it.
By the end of 1956, NUDT ordered a second near-sonic wind tunnel from GDR.It was installed in May 1960 in NUDT (name "7th wind tunnel")
The wind tunnel was converted to transonic wind tunnel(M 1.2) in September 1963
Thanks a lot !! That was exactly the info I needed !

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