Cape Canaveral Launch Complexes

XP67_Moonbat said:

Well, it's a flat square of concrete.

I remember about a decade ago I was out at Vandenberg and my buddy said "I'll take you to see our 'spaceport.'" And we drove to a spot where there was a square of concrete. I think they made one or two launches from it and then moved on to a different location.
That's the flat square of concrete of the Cape Road.
Between Pad 39 A and Pad 39 B and Gator hole and Ocean.

and 39 C will be use for Small launcher max of 200000 lb. launch mass
that not what I expected, a another big launch pad for SLS and Falcon 9 Heavy and giant Falcon.
here picture were Launch pad 39C is will be build
for my taste it to close to Pad 39B
if launch goes wrong like the Antares rocket


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