Bloch MB.1010 and MB.1011 fighter projects


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24 June 2007
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Dear All

I am fascinated by the Bloch MB.1010 and 1011 projects shown in Air Pictorial, but again we are lacking any dimensions. It would be nice to see more detailed plans for these two aircraft.

Can anyone help?


I've tried to guess the dimensions of the Bloch 1010/1011, using the diameter of the
P&W R-1830 and G&R 14R, but it already becomes difficult due to the fact, that the
drawings from AP were quite small, so every single pixel counts ..
So all I would say is, that the 1010 may have had a length of about 8.7 m and a span
of 12 m, whereas the 1011's length could have been about 8 m and its span 11.5 m.
That fits quite well to the origin of both designs the MB.150/152 and to the mentioned
fact, that the 1011 would have been slightly smaller, than the 1010. Precision in the range
of half meters at best !


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Hi Jens .
Yes certainly rather difficult to calculate with the three view drawings
you have ! Well done !
Andrewjs2007. Care to post any of the details/images from those articles?
Many thanks Pepe,

could you help us please, to understand the discussion, that this drawing obviously started
in that forum ? The first post says, I think, that the drawing isn't made by Jean Cuny, but
by a draugthsman, who remained anonymous.
Is there a clue, how reliable it is ? Sorry, but my french isn't good enough for that . :-\
It seems that only the attached drawing (here rearranged) is by Cuny. The more detailed 3-view was meant as a humorous ruse by forum member "gaët la bëte".

What caught my attention was this line: "... bloch 1010, 1011 et 1040 (un biplace à tourelle arrière)."

Was the Bloch MB.1040 a real project for a turret fighter?


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Here are the drawings of the Bloch fighter projects from AirPictorial 3.1970, which
featured french projects from 1940. The design of the MB.1010 is said to have been
carried out quite in depth, the 1040 was a turret fighter based on the 1010, but there
wasn't enough time for further development.


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Apophenia said:
It seems that only the attached drawing (here rearranged) is by Cuny. The more detailed 3-view was meant as a humorous ruse by forum member "gaët la bëte".

It's not a humorous ruse but a drawing from a source that intended to write an article to Fana d'Aviation. The article was not accepted cause the source of the drawing could not be verified. To me, seems a very plausible alternative. It uses the same system employed to cool Gnome & Rhone engines used at Liore et Olivier 451 bombers.

The size is here:
Span: 42 ft.
lenght: 32 ft 2.5 in.
Hi from france. Here you will find some works I used to made to compre SO or Bloch 1010 to last MB157. As 1010 was derived from Bloch 150 family it would be usefull to compare both.


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Welcome rv20100 and many thanks for sharing these drawings.
Can you tell us, where to find them (and maybe even more ;) ) ?
Congratulations for the great work and thanks for sharing !
Ha ! I know the author of this blog. He is a member of France Fights On. His blog (SAM-40) is brilliant. He methodically detroys the myths of 1940 France, and expose the bare truths of that era (hint: bureaucratic horrors and inumerable snafus that directly led to the 1940 collapse and from there, to Vichy utter shame and decomposition).

There he destroys the myth of the MB-157 and the following projects. The much vaunted 710 kph top speed was actually the constructor widly optimistic predictions, not the reality.

Google translate (for what is worth)
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