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26 May 2006
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in the Flightglobal site two unknown British flying wing airliners,one
from AW and the other I don't know its company,any help.


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Re: British two unknown flying wing airliners

hesham said:
from AW and the other I don't know its company,any help.

Called Flight International artist this company was.


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From Ailes 5/1946.

Please Moderator,feel free to transfer it to a proper section.


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Note with interest the timing, 5/46, of the Ailes piece. A recurring "scandal" for conspirators is "monumental blunder" cancellation, 2/46 of supersonic Miles M.52.

B.Lockspeiser,D.Scientific Res.(Chair,MAP Supersonic Cttee.) had funded M.52 29/12/43; (Sir Ben), DGSR(A)/MoS chopped it because we now had no Formed Force enemy and he had only a very modest Aircraft Research budget (UK was broke). He applied it to RAE's perception of innovation of civil potential: VG (Barnes Wallis extracted an expression of interest from new BOAC's MD Whitney Straight, so the Swallow models were funded), Flying Wing (MoS/RAE had a "Tailless Committee") and to suction for laminar flow (MoS "Boundary Layer Control Committee"). So he continued to fund A.W.52G/A.W.52 (and schemes at HP which would lead to an airfoil mounted dorsal on a Lancaster, then Lincoln and at Marshall's with a Budworth turbo-sucker in an Auster as MA.4). A.W.56 bid to 1947 Medium Bomber was suction laminar flow/flying wing.

It was nobody's fault that we must wait decades for Northrop B.2.
You are right Alertken,

if there was a suitable funding ,we could see many beauties in the sky.

here is a hypothetical drawing to AW.52G.

Ailes 2/1947


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.......and featured in many advertisements at the time.


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Schneiderman said:
.......and featured in many advertisements at the time.

Thank you my dear Schneiderman.
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On the left an AW tailless airliner from the article by Ray Williams in Air Enthusiast 43
On the right an illustration from Roy Fedden's paper presented to the Royal Society of Arts in April 1944
They are clearly versions of the same project


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Then there's the Armstrong Whitworth AW.52 flying wing.

Armstrong Whtiworth also desgined the AW.50 and AW.56, with the Aw.50 being an experimental jet bomber design from 1943 and the AW.56 being tendered to the same requirement as the Vickers Valiant, the Avro Vulcan and the Handley Page Victor.



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