Waco Model W "Aristocraft" cabin pusher

Dear hesham.
This aircraft was actually built and first flew on 31 December 1946. The Model W Aristocraft was the final original design of the Waco Aircraft Corporation. Engine was one 215 hp Franklin 6A8-215-B9F and performance included maximum speed 154 mph, cruise 135 mph, climbrate 960ft/minute, ceiling 17,500ft and range 520 miles. Wingspan was 38ft. length 25ft 6in and height 7ft 8in.
The aircraft was registered NX34219 and no further examples were built, although it was reported that construction on a second improved aircraft had started when all work on the Model W project was terminated in1947. After a long period of storage NX34219 was acquired by Mr. Terry O'Neill who flew the aircraft for a brief period after he had completed the restoration. It was then heavily modified by Mr. O'Neill and became the Aristocraft II. In this form it had a conventional (tail wheel type) undercarriage and retained most of the original fuselage, the wings and horizontal tail of NX34219, but the engine (200hp Lycoming IO-360-A1B) was now located in the nose. First flight took place in October 1963. Further changes resulted in the aircraft becoming the Model W Winner. It received a tricycle gear, Bellanca style swept vertical tail and the (third) first flight was in October 1968. Despite all changes the aircraft remained registered as N34219. Mr. O'Neill planned to offer the Model W Winner for amateur construction, but no additional aircraft were built.
Dimensions of the Model W with trigear were wingspan 37ft 6in, length 267ft and height 8ft 4in
Photo of aircraft in original form (photo Ed Coates) and as Model W Winner.


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The Patent for the Model W Aristocraft can be found here:

A reworking of the Model W patent art with original product logo (note the spelling: Aristo-Craft), a couple more pics and a 1947 ad:


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It was hard to scan in enough of a two page spread to include the entire aircraft in one scan.This is from an Original Waco Aristocrat four page brochure with color, from my Original (Weaver, Advance, then..) Waco archives collections. This was no beauty..


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A bit small but thanks for sharing anyway. I can see that this time around the name Aristocraft in unhyphenated...

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