APR issue V1N5 update


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5 April 2006
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The issue is *essentially* complete. Going through it looking for errors, things to re-arrange, clean up, etc. I am also awaiting some art... some computer generated artwork as well as some CAD drawings I need to finish. I am hoping to have it ready in time to mail out to subscribers by Friday or Saturday; the week after that I'll be busy raiding the Boeing archives, so the official release will happen some time after April 27.

This issue will cover the 8, 10 and 12-meter diameter Orions (big article packed with stuff y'all ain't never seen before); a Bill Slayton article on the Lockheed CL-407 VTOL supersonic strike fighter; a Dennis R. Jenkins article on an early North American Shuttle concept (now with large format drawings on 11X17 pages); a German mystery project; the NASA M-85 VTOL airliner; the "LF-111," laser armed Aardvark; and a two-stage North American suborbital passenger transport from '65. The last three items are in a new feature... "Aerospace History Nuggets." Something I started in the original APR, but sorta faded away... short articles, half page to two pages, dealing with projects that only deserve - or can only support - that level of documentation. This should help diversify each issue.

Issue V1N6 should follow relatively quickly. The main articles there do not need to sort of massive overhaul that V1N5's Orion article did; but there will be several new Nuggets, as well as big article - already 30+ pages, even though all it is so far is illustrations - on US submarine aircraft carriers and the planes they were meant to carry.

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