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Apr 5, 2006
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Seventeen articles from the first volume of the reborn APR are available for dirt cheap:
These are:
The Seversky Super Clipper From Issue V1N1 : $2.05
The Lockheed “Flatbed” From Issue V1N1 : $1.80
The Rockwell X-33 From Issue V1N1 : $1.55
Northrop N-63 VTOL Fighter From Issue V1N2 : $1.10
NASA TFX Concepts From Issue V1N2 : $0.90
NACA Supersonic VTOL Bomber From Issue V1N2 : $0.45
The Helios Concept From Issue V1N3 : $1.65
Blended Wing Bodies From Issue V1N3 : $3.25
Focke-Wulf VTOL Jetliners From Issue V1N3 : $0.45
Lockheeds “Flying Saucer” From Issue V1N3 : $0.45
Bell X-14 Derivatives From Issue V1N3: $0.55
Project Orion: Concept Development From Issue V1N4 : $3.30
Project Orion: Testing and Safety Issues From Issue V1N4 : $2.55
System 118P From Issue V1N4 : $1.45
Junkers RT 8-1-01 From Issue V1N6 : $0.85
American Submarine Aircraft Carriers From Issue V1N6: $4.55
Lunar Logistics Orion From Issue V1N6: $0.85

I will also offer individual articles from the *original* print run of APR... but only one per issue, from Volumes 3 through 5. I've posted the banner images from the old issues, and will be taing votes on *which* articles to re-release, at this blog posting:

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