Aerospace Projects Review issue V0N0 now available (No! Really!)


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5 April 2006
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In December APR released issue V3N2. That was of course the massively updated version of issue V3N2, originally released almost a decade ago. APR has been re-working and re-releasing the original run of issues in order... until now. Just finished and uploaded is an issue that might not be expected... issue V0N0.

Prior to publishing the first issue of Aerospace Projects Review, I put together issue V0N0, a short prototype issue that I released for free to see if people liked it and if it would be worth continuing with. There was much that could have been improved about that issue... and it has been improved. Issue eV0N0 is now greatly expanded to 56 pages... small by modern APR standards, but a massive incrfease compared to the original. The original articles have been greatly expanded, and all-new articles have been added.

The table of contents for eV0N0:
The Drawbridge and the Pancake: One of the more unusual Space Shuttle configurations
Northrop N-31 Flying Wing Bomber: A series of turboprop-powered bomber designs
Martin XB-68: A supersonic tactical bomber concept
Aerospace History Nugget: Mach 6.0 SST: Three fuselages for the price of one
Kaiser Tailless Airplane: A flying wing cargo carrier
Boeing VTOL Intercity Transport: A jetliner that can land on your office building
Boeing Transport-To-Space: The spaceplane that needs to be assembled in space
Aerospace History Nugget: Curtis High-Speed Fighter Concepts: Hypothetical fighters designed for maximum speed
Aerospace History Nugget: Convair VTOL Tailsitter: An early VTOL jet fighter capable of supersonic speeds

It can be seen and ordered here:
A printed version can be ordered through MagCloud:


And now under development is issue V3N3, which will feature articles on bomber launch for Dyna Soar spaceplanes, the Martin Astrorocket, and stealth aircraft for the US Navy. Advertising space is available for that issue. The deadline for advertising submissions is *at* *least* a month away, but the earlier, the better. Check out advertising rates here:

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