Aerospatiale X 910 tilt rotor


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17 March 2007
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Aerospatiale study in the 70' a tilt rotor program, the X 910. It was only a "paper plane", but the rotor was tested.


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A few figures for this interesting design. The X 910 dates from 1974, it was designed to carry a pilot and six passengers. Powered by two 1650shp Arriel I turboshafts it was to have a top speed of 321mph and a range of around 500 miles. Span was 7m, length 8.7m and height 3.3m.
I have this little drawing from Aerospatiale
(Well, I find a good photo on the Rotojet project). Will post it !


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Very interesting project, any mention of this in French aviation magazines such has 'Le Fana de L'Aviation'?
Via Internet Archive:

The X 910, was similar to the contemporary American Bell XV-15. The first wind tunnel tests were conducted at Marignagne in 1974 with a 1/5-scale model. Test were conducted with a full-scale tilt-rotor system at the Office National d'Etudes et de Recherches Aérospatiales (ONERA) S1 subsonic wind tunnel in Modane-Avrieux during June/July 1975 and June/July 1976. The conversion between hover and forward flight was the primary focus of the tests. In April 1977, the first flight was envisioned for 1981, but the program was soon cancelled.
  • Power: Two Turboméca Arriel I turboshaft engines with 650 hp (485 kW) internal in the fuselage and drove the rotors via shafts
  • Rotor: 5 m (16.4 ft) diameter; were able to operate in the horizontal position while the aircraft was on the ground, something that cannot be done with the XV-15 and V-22 Osprey.
  • Maximum Speed: 517 km/hr (279 kt)
  • Range with 4 passengers: 800 km (432 kt)
  • Range with 6 passengers: 450 km (243 kt)
  • Wing span: 7 m
  • Length: 8.7 m
  • Height: ~ 3.3 m
  • Airfoil: NACA 63A221
  • Maximum VTO Weight: 1,640 kg (3,615 lb)
  • Operational gross weight: 2,560 kg (5,645 lb)
  • Prototype gross weight: 2,455 kg (5,412 lb)
  • Capacity:

In InterAvia (sorry, didn't wrote down, in which issue ) I once found a drawing of the X-910,
which seems to depict it with a fixed landing gear. Another interesting point, I think, are
the slats, shown deployed in this drawing.


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Hi Jens
Yes. It seems that it is a fixed landing gear


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the Aerospatiale X.910.

L’histoire des hélicoptères
en France
depuis 1945


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Further to the previous posts, here's the entry regarding the Aerospatiale X-910 from the Air Data section of the June 1977 issue of Air International


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