Active Skyflash/Rb 71A/Rb 91, Rb 73 drawings?


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8 March 2007
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Does anyone have any drawings of the ARH Skyflash project(s?), or the ramjet Rb 73?
If you do not have a drawing, but have seen them in the past, I would also be happy with a description.

Thanks very much for anything.
The closest I have come is this picture repository from a Swedish museum, which shows the ARH Jaktrobot 321 which was test fired in the days of J 35 development;
From what I have read, SAAB in the early 60's also tried out an ARH seeker in a missile based on the AIM-4.
More likely that it was an ARH version of the SARH AIM-26B/Rb-27 than the AIM-4/Rb-28. You start from a larger airframe with a more powerful motor. Too, it would make more sense to try going from SARH to ARH rather than from IRH to ARH.
The line drawing of Rb.73 in British Secret Projects shows the intakes for the ramjet down the side of the missile, presumably that would cause problems for semi recessed carriage in place of the original Sky Flash?

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