9M123 " Khrizantema " AT-15 Springer Tank Destroyer


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30 March 2009
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9M123 " Khrizantema " ATGM is without any doubt one of the most (if not even THE most) versatile (HEAT missile vs armoured and low flyng aerial target, Thermobaric missile vs building and infantry,double simultaneous engagement) ,powerful (the missile is supersonic ,has over 6 Km of effective range and a reported penetration of 1100-1250 mm RHA behind explosive reactive armour !!)reliable (the double modality of guide-millimetric radar and SACLOS laser beam- confer to the system an unparalleled resistance to countermeasures ,the accuracy at max range in a heavy foggy environment vs mobile ground and low flyng aerial targets was stimed at about 0,98 /0,93 ) and survivable ( 75/45/13 Km/h of speed [on/off road and water],few seconds to pass from fire position to movement and low time of recharging,high thermal isolation[maybe one of the most advanced in russian arsenal being a further development of roof and and hatches heat insulation and cooling systems of T-80 UM1] and option for Shtora active protection system implementation)anti tank weapon system now operative in any ground force at world.

Considering its recent presence on the international market (confront Rosoboronexport catalogue 2006 and subsequents ),what will be, in your opinion, the impact of its possible deployment on the next future’s operative ground battle scenarios?
This is a very interesting set of claims, but is there any hard evidence from non-industry sources? Do you have a references for the 9M123 (in Jane's Armour and Artillery, e.g.)?


A wee bit on the BMP-3 / 9M157-2 http://www.janes.com/extracts/extract/jaa/jaa_0377.html
In the recent (since 27 April ) IDEF 2009 exhibition in Istanbul,Khrizantema-S self-propelled antitank system and BMP-3M infantry fighting vehicle seem to have attracted the greatest interest from Turkish partners,(the greater general interst has been aroused by Kornet-E antitank missile system).


This high interest in not airborne,high cost-efficient, anti/tanks systems is, in my opinion, related to the, by now,well knowed scarce efficiency of air delivered attacks at engaging and destroy armored and mechanized brigades in the last major conflict (like in the well knowed example of Kosovo war,but ,less knowed,from the data of definitive survey,also in Gulf War findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m0IBR/is_1_31/ai_73000555/ ) and to the great fragility(but,conversely, high costly)of low flyng ,fixed and rotary wing vehicles in a modern operative theatre (low to medium altitude,high mobile air defence system,like Pantsyr S1 or Tor M2 with up to 4 channel for target's engagement of which one or also two passive IR imaging,with over 20 km of tracking range,are absolutely deadly for this type of targets).

I think a system like Khrizantema-S can give the right tactical response to the changed scenario of ground operations.

I am interested in a discussion who would put the system's parametric values in relation with the tactical changes in the ground operative theatre. Best regard.
Voidmage I'm not sure you've understood the purpose of this forum. Its supposed to be about unbuilt projects not commercially produced systems. There is a general purpose aerospace forum, but the other sections are for discussing projects that never got built.

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