1950s book on rocket propulsion

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8 November 2007
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Now here’s a question for those of you who are ‘old timers’. Back around 1960 I recall reading a book on rockets & missiles and their technology that had a long section on (mostly German) liquid-propellant rockets. For each, there was a detailed diagram of the propulsion system, showing the flow of the fuel and oxidiser from the tanks, though the turbopumps, and into the combustion chamber. The accompanying text gave an event-by-event description of the engine-startup sequence.

I’d love to re-read it, but have totally forgotten the name of the book and the author. Does anyone recognise it from my description?
I suspect the book might be Rockets & Guided Missiles by John Humphries published by Ernest Benn Ltd 1956. There are some 70 pages on liquid propellants & motors with detailed diagrams & photos.
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