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  1. archipeppe

    The Untold Stories of the Space Shuttle Program: Unfulfilled Dreams and Missions that Never Flew (Springer Praxis Books) 1st ed. 2022

    The latest work of my friend Davide Sivolella an aeronautical engineer and a skilled author, who lives in England. If you want to learn about never realized Space Shuttle versions, this is the right book...
  2. russiafareast1972

    BIS H. E. Ross and R. A. Smith Space Station

    Hello from Russia. A rare diagram of the space station of the British Interplanetary Society from the book 1959 Project Satellite. Kenneth W. Gatland This is the first futuristic scheme in Dr. Gatland's books. All information about this umbrella
  3. X-39

    NASA Selects Futuristic Space Technology Concepts for Early Study
  4. E

    Blue Origin and Sierra Space unveil plans for commercial space station
  5. fightingirish

    Soviet space-to-space guided missile

    The Russian military has finally revealed the rocket-propelled grenade weapon system developed for the Almaz space station project in the 1970s. Links: :eek: :cool: View...
  6. bearnard97

    Space hotel

    I`ve bumped into some interesting article and I wanna share it with you and hear your thoughts about that project. The world`s first space hotel is slated to open in 2027 . Orbital Assembly Corporation, the group behind Voyager Station, has announced plans to begin building the hotel in low...
  7. Flyaway

    Axiom Space

    First commercial module to be docked to ISS. Eventually they will separate from ISS once a power module is launched to form the Axiom Station.
  8. F

    Commercial Space Station

    Another new NASA project based on the NextSTEP program. Story Obviously Bigelow will make this a "must win" effort. Hopefully, someone will have an artificial G proposal. Or maybe Bigelow can steal an old...
  9. C

    Skylab B and Advanced Skylab for the Shuttle.

    Advanced Skylab. A great occasion lost. :'( A large space station for the Shuttle, straightway.
  10. Michel Van

    NASA Space Station Concepts

    A BELLCOMM, INC. studie from July 23, 1968 by E. D. Marion J. A. Schelke they proposed an smaller Space Station concept against Skylab (and MOL)! Modules launch by Titan IIIM, with modified Gemini B capsule the module are 17 ft long and 15ft ø weight 21,200 to 12,100 lb Power system a 3 kw...
  11. C

    Why not Apollo hardware for MOL?

    Why USAF not consider to use Apollo hardware for MOL? The military-spy station could be launched by Saturn IB ,or more large, by Saturn V. A MOL-Skylab type of station would be the advantage to be reusable for more that one mission. Instead of Gemini-B,the crew could be on Apollo capsule (with...
  12. FutureSpaceTourist

    Orbital Technologies commercial space station

    There's a press release at about a proposed new space station for space tourists. First part of the press release is: There's more information at...
  13. flateric

    Why so few Skylab missions photos around?

    Well, question may seem idiotic, but really - why all we see so few photos (not talking of many hi-reses) from three Skylab manned missions - I mean those that were taken in space? You can look through NASAImages with keyword 'Skylab' to make your own opinion. Warning - my question has nothing...
  14. Triton

    Apollo LM-derived projects

    Apollo Telescope Mount 01, "Stellar ATM" (Space World magazine, June 1972 (vol I-6-102), "Lunar Module Derivatives for Future Space Missions," pp.58) Apollo Telescope Mount 02 (Kenneth Gatland, "The Pocket Encyclopedia of Spaceflight in Color: Manned Spacecraft," 1967, p.230) Apollo...
  15. P

    Space Program Options open to President Nixon One alternative, at $3.5 billion per year, eliminated NERVA and stopped production of Saturn V and Apollo spacecraft. This option, however, would maintain a vigorous program in piloted flight, featuring Skylab with three visits as well as six additional...
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