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  1. Foo Fighter


    G'day folks, consider this. The TSR2 goes into service and later requires a SLEP, what engines are avaulable and could a big wing be fitted/would it be an improvement?
  2. uk 75

    A different V force in the 1960s

    If the Vickers Valiants had been transfered from strike to tankers earlier could the fatigue problems have been avoided. Their strike role could have been taken on by Vulcan or Victor B1s. With the Valiants serving into the 1970s the Victors could have continued in the recce and conventional...
  3. M

    Cable-launched Blue Steel

    I suspect I originally saw this here, but I can't find it now. There was a proposal to launch Blue Steel at very low altitudes by dragging it behind the launch aircraft on a cable. Does anyone have a pointer to material on this?
  4. blackkite

    British B.1/39 Heavy Bomber Competition

    Hi! https://www.warbirdsforum.com/topic/366-additional-raf-might-have-beens/ "The B1.39 spec was to carry 9,000lb over 2,500miles cruising at least 280mph. Maximum bomb load was to be 10,000lb and some could be carried externally if necessary. Provision was made to stow 20 x 250lb or 500lb...
  5. GTX

    Blue Steel Developments

    Hi folks, Couldn't find a thread appropriate so here goes: Blue Steel MkII full-scale mock up fitted with wing-tip-mounted Bristol Siddeley ramjets: Source Blue Steel Viper variant full-scale mock up: Source
  6. GTX

    Bristol 159

    Couldn't find a thread on this so here goes: In March 1938 the Air Staff put together a paper that described an ideal bomber, and then a few months later specification B.19/38 was produced which indicated that the bomber would have a strong defensive armament of eight 20mm “shell-firing gun”...
  7. hesham

    Parnall Heavy Bomber Project of 1938 ?

    Hi, in 1938,Parnall designed a twin boom heavy bomber Project,with no supporting tailplane or structure between the booms,how we can find a drawing or a more Info about it ?.
  8. Tzoli

    Avro Super Heavy Bomber

    I found this drawing on the net and the only info I know that is was an Avro Bomber Project with 10 engines. Do you guys know anything more on this project?
  9. JFC Fuller

    V-Bomber Avionics Developments?

    The V-bomber fleet spent most of its life with relatively primitive avionics for the age, as far as I can tell only two major(ish) changes were ever made, the first was the addition of the ARI 5959 (General Dynamics AN/APN-170) J-band terrain following radar, however this came with restrictions-...
  10. memaerobilia

    Armstrong Whitworth B.1/39

    We may need a thread dedicated to Armstrong Whitworth aircraft. Here is the AW drawing for Armstrong Whitworth B.1/39. Drawing date is 3/6/39. Dwg No. is AW9186? (last number is cut off in this photo) I have also added a favorite detail image, showing the location of twelve large bombs. * I had...
  11. Pepe Rezende

    Bristol 100 ton bomber

    Does anyone have a three view? There was one but the site, now, disapeared. I also need info about the butterfly tail version. Thanks Pepe
  12. P

    Short S.34 and Super Stirling proposals????

    Hello all I am looking for drawing (3-view.... etc......) of the proposed improved developments of the basic Short Stirling heavy bomber which Short studied and submitted to the British Air Ministry. They were the S.34 design (In an effort to meet requirement B.1/39. It would have been...
  13. hesham

    Fairey turret aircraft

    Hi, Who know this Fairey turret aircraft ?. http://www.flightglobal.com/pdfarchive/view/1941/1941%20-%202896.html
  14. P

    Rex Pierson six-engined design

    From Stephen Flower's 'Barnes Wallis' Bombs, Tallboy, Dambuster and Grand Slam' - Page 20 'Wallis was not the only designer to advocate larger aircraft, for Rex Pierson also proposed a six-engined bomber with a twenty-ton bomb load' Does anyone have any idea what design that would be?
  15. hesham

    Supermarine B12/36 (Type 316 - 318)

    Hi, we know the the Supermarine company submitted to the British Specification B12/36 for four engined heavy bomber,the Types 316, 317 & 318. http://www.flightglobal.com/pdfarchive/view/1954/1954%20-%200254.html
  16. A

    Vickers VC-7 and V-1000

    Thread to discuss the Valiant airliner derivative of 1955. I need more data on this project (dimensions, performances compared to the VC-10 and 707)
  17. P

    Bomber version of Fairey FC1

    Has anyone heard of a Fairey proposal to turn its pre war FC.1 airliner design into a bomber?