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people's liberation army navy

  1. C

    Chinese submarine 032(1958)

    The project started in 1958 and ended in 1960. There was no prototype, only a fourteen-meter long test ship(Lead-acid batteries,speed 9 knot) Planned displacement 400~500 tons,four torpedo tube,speed 25knot with zinc-silver battery and deltaic diesel engine China built a new 032 submarine in...
  2. sferrin

    Chinese Nuclear Powered Icebreaker Project

    "China has opened the bid to construct its first nuclear-powered icebreaker support ship, a move to prepare for the construction of a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, military observers said. China National Nuclear Corporation on Thursday opened public bidding for the nuclear-powered...
  3. bobbymike

    New Chinese Type 055 Destroyer

    http://nationalinterest.org/feature/can-chinas-dreadnought-tip-the-naval-balance-15539 Just over a decade ago, Western naval analysts (including this one) marveled over the PLAN’s new “Red Aegis” Type 052C destroyer, the first Chinese warship to wield both phased array radars and vertical...