people's liberation army navy

  1. Grey Havoc

    Type 052DL (stretched variant of Type 052D destroyer) From back in March, via the Wikipedia entry on the Type 052D family:
  2. hesham

    Nanchang Q-5 Drawings

    From; Авиаколлекция 2010 № 8. Штурмовик Q-5 (A-5)
  3. uk 75

    Chinese Naval Doctrine

    The growth of the Soviet Navy was symbolised by Admiral Gorshkov and a global maritime exercise (Okean 70). I was wondering if any clue was emerging to Chinese naval doctrine?
  4. Resister1976

    The NEWS of PLAN

    31 Hainan 105 Dalian 421 ()18
  5. C

    Chinese submarine 032(1958)

    The project started in 1958 and ended in 1960. There was no prototype, only a fourteen-meter long test ship(Lead-acid batteries,speed 9 knot) Planned displacement 400~500 tons,four torpedo tube,speed 25knot with zinc-silver battery and deltaic diesel engine China built a new 032 submarine in...
  6. sferrin

    Chinese nuclear powered resupply ship. . .

    "Will China's Next-Generation Supply Ship be Nuclear-Powered?" "On September 6, 2018, China’s comprehensive supply ship Hongzehu (Hull 881) was honorably retired, marking that the Chinese Navy has entered a new era of modernization. With its retirement, perhaps the country’s next-generation...
  7. sferrin

    Chinese Nuclear Powered Icebreaker Project

    "China has opened the bid to construct its first nuclear-powered icebreaker support ship, a move to prepare for the construction of a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, military observers said. China National Nuclear Corporation on Thursday opened public bidding for the nuclear-powered...
  8. V

    Modern Chinese destroyer breaks down in the Indian Ocean

    A PLAN destroyer, 173 Changsha , of Type 052D , broke down in the Indian Ocean on the way to the Sino-Russian naval exercise "Joint Sea 2017". She is one of China's latest destroyers Another destroyer, the 174 Hefei, of the same class has replaced it. Destroyer 173 Changsha , frigate 571...
  9. dan_inbox

    China's PLAN Type 075 LHD

    Finally a model of China's new LHD project, the Type 075. Said to displace 36,000 tonnes and operate 28 helicopters, under construction at Shanghai' Hudong-Zhonghua shipyards since late 2016.
  10. Triton

    IDEX 2017: Chinese Navy to acquire new trimaran hull frigate

    IDEX 2017: Chinese Navy to acquire new trimaran hull frigate Richard D Fisher Jr, Abu Dhabi - IHS Jane's Defence Weekly 21 February 2017 Source:
  11. bobbymike

    New Chinese Type 055 Destroyer Just over a decade ago, Western naval analysts (including this one) marveled over the PLAN’s new “Red Aegis” Type 052C destroyer, the first Chinese warship to wield both phased array radars and vertical...
  12. Triton

    China building Ulyanovsk-class aircraft carrier?

    Is China building an Ulyanovsk-class (Project 1153 OREL) aircraft carrier? Source:
  13. Deino

    New Chinese sub-hunter - Y-8ASW version unveiled !??

    Not 100% sure but with a MAD-boom, a weapons-bay and a large serach radar ... I would say that's the long rumoured Y-8GX-6 ASW. Deino
  14. Deino

    Chinese Y-7 AWACS and KJ-600 AWACS

    Just "found" at XAC ... not sure if a Y-7-derivate or a completely new type, but anyway most likely something new from China again. Deino China naval AEW (most likely) spotted
  15. TinWing

    AMD350PB: Australian ties to the design of the PLAN Type 022 FAC Catamaran?

    The article: The Product page from AMD: The general arrangement drawing, which differs significantly with photographs of the Type 022...