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nuclear powered aircraft

  1. Michel Van

    An-22PLO (nuclear powert ?)

    i found this on German Wikipedia An-22PLO in October 1965 experiments start for a nuclear power An-22 Build aircraft 01-06 was used for radiation shield test Build aircraft 01-07 had the Reactor on board in September 1972 01-07 began 23 test flights near Semipalatinsk under codename "Stork"...
  2. hesham

    Bell Nuclear Powered Helicopter

    Hi, the Bell Helicoptere Corporation designed a new concept for atomic-powered VTOL transport helicopter,it had 300 ft length,500,000 1b weight and estimated speed of 200 mph, it was look like to me as flying ship. http://www.flightglobal.com/PDFArchive/View/1960/1960%20-%200793.html
  3. P

    Lighter-than-air and hybrid airship concepts

    When was the technology available for the introduction of SkyCats should a demand for their capability arise earlier?