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  1. shin_getter

    KRÅKAN - Push-Pull, Tandem Tilt-Rotor, VTOL Aircraft
  2. helmutkohl

    Whatif, Viggen sale to India was approved

    In the 70s, India worked hard to acquire the Viggen, which was ultimately blocked by the US, due to distrust of India's relations with the USSR. In the end India went with the UK-French SPACECAT Jaguar. Lets say in this alternative history, the US did not block the sale, and it went through...
  3. trajan

    Swedish early post-WW2 destroyers and cruisers

    where I can find some articles or website to show the "preliminary designs" of early post war Swedish warships such as oland and halland class.┌( ಠ_ಠ)┘
  4. F

    Am I imagining things, or does Sweden's FFVS J 22 look like the radial powered Bf 109 V21 of 1938-39?

    If the drawings below are accurate, the resemblance is a bit odd, and profuse apologies if the topic was discussed before.
  5. C

    Information on Saab J-27?

    I am looking for information on the development of the J-27, specifically if any portions of the aircraft were ever constructed (even at a mockup stage). I know the plane was never completed but I don't know if any parts were made - can someone help me with that? (also any other info will be...
  6. blockhaj

    SAAB, Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget, Svenska Aeroplan AB, Saab AB: internal projects.

    This is a continiuation of this thread: Here i will list SAAB's internal projects and their designations. (WIP). Sorry for premature posting but im doing it to motivate...
  7. Tzoli

    Swedish Missiles and Missile Projects.

    I wonder if you guys here have more information about the various Swedish Missile and Rocker projects this fascination country developed or started developing? I've found this swedish site providing some info and history:
  8. Z

    Going Swedish for the UK?

    Could it have happened? Certainly the Lansen is a capable aircraft and the UK sold a number of Hunters to carry the Swedish Airforce over until the Fighter variant came on stream. The Drakken is very attractive and bar rate of climb compared favourably with the Lightning. The A.36 has if...
  9. overscan (PaulMM)

    SAAB JAS-39 Gripen Avionics & Swedish Datalinks

    A thread to discuss the avionics of the very interesting JAS-39 Gripen. I will post some information from the Aerofax book shortly.
  10. blockhaj

    SAAB, Svenska Aeroplanaktiebolaget, Svenska Aeroplan AB, Saab AB aircraft list.

    Note: I know there already exists a thread about SAAB designations etc but that thread also includes other companies besides SAAB. Link to thread. While i understand why those companies were included i personally think we should have a thread dedicated to each of them separately as they designed...
  11. Grey Havoc

    How to cook food in a tank!

  12. Petrus

    Swedish missile ship project of 1947

    Here you have drawings of 'Eskaderledare' (or Flotilla Leader) project made in Sweden in 1947 that may be founde elsewhere on the Internet (I believe they are genuine). The drawings seemquite self-explanatory. The ship's main battery was four twin 'LT' ('Lufttorped' or Air Torpedo) launchers...
  13. Dilandu

    Rb 08 anti-ship missile

    This rather obscure Sweden weapon system, actually, quite interesting: It is the first Western shipborne anti-ship missile ever commissioned, and the only one Western SSM close to Soviet cotemporary analogues (like P-15 "Termit"). Interesting to note, that it seems to be essentially an...
  14. Grey Havoc

    Swedish LeClerc

    Meant to post on this last week. According to the ever reliable Micael over at HP&CA, Sweden is looking very favourably at having a version of the Leclerc as their next MBT. No word on whether it would incorporate any elements from the (badly lagging thanks to President Macron) SCORPION program...
  15. P

    Saab Viggen concepts and unbuilt versions

    Is there anywhere in this fine forum which gives more indepth information into the proposed Saab 37E and Saab 37X variants of the Viggen? The Saab 37E was proposed as a Lockheed F-104 replacement for European NATO airforces in 1975; While the Saab 37X was proposed to Norway in 1967–68. Ive...
  16. GTX

    Bloodhound Mk IV SAM

    I read that the Mk. IV version of the Bloodhound SAM was to be a mobile version. Anyone got any further details?
  17. hesham

    Svenska Aircraft List

    Hi, the Swedish company Svenska Aero Aktiebolaget was formed in 1921 to build some Heinkel aircraft and its own designs,in 1931 liquidated and taken over by the Svenska Järnvägsverkstäderna,AB,and in 1939 the company merged with Svensak Aeroplan AB to create SAAB. Heinkel HE 1...
  18. hesham

    FVM (Sweden) Aircraft

    Hi, the Flygkompaniets Verkstäder at Malmen was formed in 1917/18,and as my dear Apophenia spoke about some of its airplanes,26120.msg266733.html#msg266733 All I know about it; Dronten was a two-seat recce and light bomber biplane S.18...
  19. M

    Swedish nuclear powered submarines

    "Projekt Neptun" SSN (armed with nuclear torpedoes) Google Books Die Politik der latenten Proliferation: Militärische Nutzung "friedlicher" Kerntechnik in Westeuropa Page 256 - 338 More infos
  20. Petrus

    Swedish Hangarkryssare of 1946

    At you may find original drawings of a Swedish aircraft carrier design of 1946 - called in the Swedish "hangarkryssare" (I feel 'cruiser with a hangar'). The aircraft are the Sea Vampires. Piotr